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“Julie Burke is a great mentor, her fresh, no holding back approach spoke to me. I needed to unwind from my past based style of marketing that was not working for me. I got exactly what I needed in her training. Be me, Be Bold and Take Action every day! Thank you Julie!!!”

Jennifer V

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I’m so pleased I said yes. I love Julie’s honest approach and methods, and the structure and content didn’t just meet my expectations, it exceeded them. I’ve done trainings with my network marketing company, but never really covered social media in much depth. I learned so much and have so many notes with countless Golden Nuggets! Thanks so much Julie, I hope to see you again soon ❤️”

Deborah T

“Julie really hand picked the best speakers to share their knowledge, along with her own knowledge. I learned so much that I would have never learned without this training!”


(Julie) shows what a great leader and mentor should model

“Julie amazes me with her honest, authentic, down to earth, approachable, vulnerable desire to help ppl. Her willingness to bring some of the top ppl in biz to live calls to hear and share and ask questions is an amazing opportunity. She is about collaboration and shows what a great leader and mentor should model. Her willingness to reply and answer every person gives that individual respect and attention that we all need to move forward in our own businesses. Her mentorship is hands-on and comes from a place of truly caring about us as individuals. I feel this is a rare find in such a successful person and I’m excited to take her strategies and tips moving forward. Overall, her program was a great experience!! Thanks Julie!!!”

[ Emily S ]

“”I have followed Julie Burke for a long time and always loved her trainings. Being part of her program was incredible. She overdelivers and is all about sharing what has helped her be successful and anyone can do it. This has spoken to me like never before. She encourages me to be a better woman, mom, entrepreneur, and to be true to me and not think twice about it. Her abilities to be successful in multiple areas is inspiring to me and something I strive to do. My team and I are also rocking out our network marketing business and have her to thank for that.”

Angela C

“Julie Burke is an amazing, straight forward, no bullshit coach! I loved the 60 day dash and the ability to follow along even if I could not make the live trainings. Julie provided clear, concise instructions and gave me the tools to dig deep and face my fears of success! It was worth every penny!!! I’ve been accepting more friend requests daily and I am actually doing something with them.. Instead of collecting them. Keep up the good work”

Annette S

“I have been working with Julie Burke recently and I just have to say it was worth the investment – I’ve had enormous breakthrough’s not only in just my business but my mindset has completely changed. I went from being completely scared, no confidence to believing that I am worthy of all my dreams and desires no matter how big or small. I do not let fear hold me back anymore – I have reached out to my chicken list, I have added new business partners and customers – in just a short amount of time I have had tremendous growth and so many breakthrough’s and just wanted to thank Julie for all she has done for me”

Keri P

I love how she (Julie) bring forward such a no-BS attitude alongside her magnetic personality… 

“I’ve enjoyed every single moment of “The 60-Day Dash”… what a powerhouse of a program! The value that Julie brings, as well as her weekly guest teachers, was absolutely priceless for me. I was able to take each week’s lesson and implement it throughout the week to create tangible momentum in my lead generation and enrollments. I can already see that this time marks a “fresh start” and new beginning for me in my business, and am thrilled that I always have this program to reference back to when I need it.

Getting to know Julie through her coaching has been so much fun for me! I love how she brings forward such a no-BS attitude alongside her magnetic personality. It was more like hanging out with a great friend than “training” for me. Julie’s wisdom and experience with network marketing and coaching brought incredible value into every single conversation. I’ve already noticed a huge shift in how I approach my business and present myself online. Bravo!”

[ AMYJo D. ]

“Julie Burke not only gets results in her business but helps network marketers achieve results in their business as well. She give practical relevant advice and coaching that sets you on a pathway to success. My marketing and branding strategy has improved and I’ve gained clarity with my message since working with Julie. If you want to see your business skills jump to the next level, then I recommend Julie.”

Elizabeth G

“Julie is so real, down to earth and knowledgeable. She helps you to overcome your fears, get out of your own way and start doing what you need to change your business. Her trainings are packed with amazing information, but never overwhelming. And she is with you every step of the way! Best investment by far!!”

Allison V

“Julie is not only inspiration but empowering. She taught me to share feeling and to dig deep within and be vulnerable. I was always afraid to share that side of me but she taught me a great lesson and it’s that people join for you and they need to see all sides and that you are a real person. She impacted my business because she showed me a way I never knew existed and broke it down thoroughly so it was duplicatable. She customizes her coaching program to fit your exact needs. I truly feel like she has impacted my business going forward and I am forever grateful I worked with her.”

Rebecca M

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