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How would you like…

    • A Custom Branded Website that converts BUILT OUT
      FOR YOU?
    • A Custom Sales Funnel BUILT OUT FOR YOU?

Whether You’re the Online Business Woman LOOKING FOR A FRESH LOOK, A NEW DIRECTION, OR AN ENTIRE BRANDING MAKEOVER, we got you covered!

As an Online Business Owner you want to have both a compelling marketing strategy that serves your clients blended with your personal brand that turns cold prospects into leads and sales.

This is EXACTLY How I’ve Built my 7 Figure Brand and Online Business in 2 Years and after testing dozens upon dozens of funnels, we know what works!

Right now you might be struggling with the 72 pieces it takes to create an online business and to be honest you don’t have time, money or energy to waste on figuring all this shit out.

This is why I created The Marketing Cure Agency so WE CAN BUILD IT for you so It’s SIMPLE, CLEAR, AND EFFECTIVE.


You need to be focused on one thing and one thing only… getting more clients or customers and serving them!!

Our Team of Professionals will build YOUR CUSTOM WEBSITE and FUNNEL FROM SCRATCH.

In addition, Julie OFFERS Private 1:1 VIP Days that can be discussed on the Free 15 Minute Strategy Session when you book it.

Your Personal Brand combined with a Marketing system is key to your longevity and FREEDOM!!

Let our team of professionals help you with all of this.



The Marketing Cure Agency is ready to serve you!

Once you apply, you’ll hear from a team member to schedule a FREE 15 Minute Strategy Call.

Please note we provide high-level work and there is an investment if we decide to work together. Only serious applicants apply!

See What Others Are Saying

“The last couple of weeks, having Julie as my direct business coach has been AMAZING. Her no-nonsense approach and my determined, just get it done attitude contributed to the success that I am having so far in just a short time. Looking forward to seeing what the coming weeks bring…
Why she is so amazing. Literally took what I said, didn’t wait for it to be perfect, After our first session together implementation of what I Taught her she booked 5 breakthrough sessions and took on a coaching client within days.”

[ Michelle S., Network Marketing Coach ]

See What Others Are Saying

“Julie screams AUTHENTICITY! Julie is the Real Deal. As a top earner with my network marketing company I have seen a lot of leaders and trainers over the past 10+ years. It’s so refreshing to find someone at Julie’s Rockstar level who truly cares. I needed clarity and direction to get to the next level and she gave me exactly what I needed. I have bought her programs, attended her trainings and follow her online and the value she gives is truly off the charts! I am grateful I found her and look forward to working with her more in the future!”

[ Michelle M., Network Marketing Top Earner ]

See What Others Are Saying

“I have now done several courses with Julie including 2 group coaching programs and she has forever changed the direction of my business and my life! I had been floating around hopping from one trainer’s advice to another trying to make sense of it all, only knowing that I wanted to grow and grow massively on social media – but I had NO CLUE where to start. Julie has made what can be complicated more simplistic and something I can grab hold of run with. Since putting what I have learned into place from Julie I have massively grown my FB audience and my business is flourishing! I speak Julie’s name with the highest of praises. She is a down to earth, a Marketing Genius and a REAL and has a vault of knowledge and experience to share with you! If you are in any way considering a course or a program with Julie, don’t delay. I overcame some financial and mindset hurdles to work with Julie and from it I no longer stress about these hurdles.”

[ Erin M., Founder and of Success With Moore Nutrition Coaching ]

See What Others Are Saying

“Julie is the real deal, genuine, tells it like it is and will push you to do the things you need to be successful in the online/social media space. I watched Julie’s training’s on line prior to hiring Julie to be my coach. She did exactly what she teaches…attracted me to her. Sometimes you hesitate on deciding if you should spend the money on yourself and after my very first session with Julie I was sure glad I did. Julie is a great listener. She really took the time to understand me and what I wanted to represent in my brand. While I knew in my head what that was…Julie helped me to gain clarity, get it on paper and translate that to social media. That is not an easy task. Julie actually has done all of what she is teaching, she knows how to get over the hurdles and holds you accountable. Just exactly what I needed being in the corporate world not knowing much about social media let alone how to build a brand. Julie, I can’t thank you enough…not just for all you have done but for all the incredible things you continue to do!”

[ Shelly W., Senior Vice President RT Specialty LLC ]

See What Others Are Saying

“Julie is a true rockstar and I’m so happy with the decision I made to invest in her coaching. She has helped me to find my online voice and identify my brand. Not only has she helped build my online presence but has given me the confidence to know I can do this and reach my goals. I love her blunt and honest approach. I never got bored of our meetings because everything that came out of her mouth was so valuable. To list a few because she has helped in so many ways Julie has helped me brand myself, increase my engagement, taught me how to do live videos and deliver value-driven content, create automation, funnels and build my website. I’m forever grateful to Julie and I highly recommend investing in yourself by investing in Julie’s coaching programs.”

[ Denise T., Studio Owner at Modo Yoga Markham & Lululemon Ambassador ]

See What Others Are Saying

“Our business was doing ok and we always heard it was the small tweaks that create HUGE spikes in results. Julie was the sole purpose for our big spikes in revenue when she helped to redo our lead magnet and overall marketing approach. She knows all the little tweaks most people miss!! We love you Julie!! You always impress us”

[ Ryan and Wesley M., Founders of Intentional Lifestyle Creators University ]

See What Others Are Saying

“Working with Julie has been an incredible experience. I gained so much knowledge and support. She has a way of building belief in people and keeping them focused on income producing activities!

She helped me stay focused and TRUE to my vision, mission, & brand and that I can build a huge team without having to sacrifice my voice or personality, in fact, that’s what truly attracted people to me!
In our 8 weeks together I had success and gained 4 new business partners.
I would 100% work with her over and over again. Heck yeah!”

[ Lisa M. – Founder of Honey Mustard Media and The Therapy Show Podcast ]

See What Others Are Saying

“Julie is great to work with because she’s so thorough and really provides a lot of value.
She has helped pull out my creative side with putting together a funnel for my business. She helped with my overall marketing plan. I created a lead magnet, opt in and email sequence with her to start list building. She’s so good at helping you to see what you’re capable of and casting a vision of where you can go based on your own personal strengths and passions. If you are looking for someone to push you to the next level in your business, Julie is the one to get you there. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish under her leadership!”

[ Joann D., Network Marketing Professional ]