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When people come to me and say, “I don’t know a lot of people, how can I build my business?”  I ask them, “do you live under a ROCK?”

With technology and social media nowadays you can make connections anywhere, anytime and in any country.

Social media is NOT for selling, but for networking and building relationships, so please don’t get these 2 confused.  

When I first arrived on social media it was January 2012. I didn’t understand much about it, but knew that if I was starting my home based business it would be a great avenue to expand. I started my generic page with 100 friends. I posted some results I got on my products and then BAM! After 2 weeks of setting up my account, I had 45 people reach me to ask what I was doing. That was almost half of my friends list. Social media is incredibly powerful.

You want to follow some rules when getting started on social media with promoting your business.

If you’re posting about Johnny and Sue daily and then post nothing except essential oils all over your page, you are going to turn people off. This transition must start with easing them into your world and new business.

There is a 90% rule, which means 90% of the time you will be showing a good balance of posts.  The majority will be lifestyle posts, positive quotes or inspiration, and then you want to start posting some valuable information about essential oils.

DO NOT post your oil brand, only the value and all the benefits. You can eventually start sprinkling in 5% of the time your products. Once you start to grow an audience you can up this to 80% creating value and information, and 20% actually promoting your products.

Here are some steps for small business, that are not complicated, to help you get started or increase your views.

1. Consistency is key.

Some people believe that posting too often can discourage people from following you. However, when getting started you want to build up an audience. Personally, I feel that posting 3 times a day is a perfect number. The only way you are going to get attention is through frequency. If people feel like you’re posting too often, then that’s not your market anyway.

2. Own your niche. 

Become an expert in your space where people will look at you as an authority. I’m always thinking about my consumer. How can I add value? How can I be of service? I have a passion to teach, mentor, offer tips and insights such as how to, how not to, what to avoid, how to find the best, what to do in this scenario, etc.

If you are a cabinet maker then you better be posting everything you know from A – Z on building those cabinets. With billions of people and growing on this platform, you have a world of opportunity…become the Celebrity in your market.

3. The world is your Oyster.

This is HUGE when you understand the power of these platforms.  Here are some astounding facts.

In 2020, there will be 7.8 billion people on the planet, and 68% of them are projected to be on the internet.

Online marketing is here to stay so I hope you utilize it to maximize your potential to reach billions. I personally keep my settings on “public” instead of “friends”. However, I keep my friends list private.

4. Videos.

Creating a YouTube channel is powerful because your audience grows to know you faster. It’s a great way to get more customers to your website.

For example, you are selling skincare. You can create a demonstration video of your products and how some of your best selling products work. It’s a great way to increase consumer awareness of your product and brand.

To make the most use out of YouTube find the most title keywords and tags for your particular industry. When you post your videos with the relevant keywords and tags, you want to make sure that you include a link to your website in the description.

I hope this added value to your business and I would love to hear from you. Please comment below and feel free to share with someone else you think might benefit from this information.

Cheers to your Success!

Julie XO Sig

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