How to connect

Hey, Julie here! I get this question almost all the time.

When you’re out and about, how do you connect with people and how do you bring up the opportunity?

You want to figure out their pain points, then insert solution. Make sure to utilize the 3 approaches that I discuss in this video.
1. Are you open?
2. If I can show you a way…?
3. Ask for Referrals, exclude them..

Here are some additional Examples of connecting..

First of all, in the initial approach I offer an “opportunity” to my prospect because people are so overwhelmed and they’re not looking for more to add to their plate with a “business”. You must mind your language when speaking to others so what I say is the word “opportunity” it subconsciously fits better with them.

When they think business, they might think investing a lot of money in something and of course that’s not what this is, that’s not what network marketing is. It’s about getting started at a low cost with no overhead and being able to build this in the pockets of their time.

When you are connecting with people, you want to look for someone specific. Remember that not everyone will be right for your opportunity. You want people that have a really good vibrations, high energy, friendly, outgoing, has a magnetic personality, etc..

For example, I’m out to eat and the waiter or waitress is just phenomenal, dynamite and just would be perfect for my opportunity. I would start out by building a relationship throughout the interaction. So I would start asking them questions “Hey, how long have you worked here?” “Do you enjoy it?” “How many hours do you work?” “Do you go to school?” You’re getting to know them. We are in the relationship business, so you want to get to know the person. If you feel like it’s somebody that you would want to partner with, you definitely want to be able to ask those questions.

“I show people how to leverage their time and put more money in their bank account. Is that something you would be interested in?”

Later on after they did an amazing job, you might say to them “You have such a magnetic personality, you would be great at what I do.” Obviously they’re going to say “well, what do you do?” And at that point you could say a couple things, but what I like to say is, “I show people how to leverage their time and put more money in their bank account. Is that something you would be interested in?” Then stop and let them respond.

Often times you get people processing it and they’re like “well, yes of course.” This is especially if you’re talking to a car salesman who’s working crazy long ass hours, or a waiter/waitress, a bartender, anyone in the service industry that is burnt out. Especially, a sales clerk from Nordstrom’s or other retail stores working for commission, working these crazy hours for minimum wage. Would you want to stand on your feet for 10-12 hours a day making a linear income?

So you want to be able to slide that in and this is where I say, “are you open to making an extra income alongside what you are currently doing?” or “do you ever keep your eyes open for another opportunity?” It’s so simple. You can figure out what one liner will work for you, and you can use it all the time.

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Here is another example. If I’m at a car dealership talking to a salesman and I say “how long have you worked here?” And he says, “I’ve been here 10 years.” I’ll say, “Bill, are those 10 great years, or 10 years of just getting by?” And often times its 10 years of just getting by. That goes for anyone in any profession, that’s a great line.

“Has it been 5 great years, of 5 years of just getting by?”

So, if I hear him saying to me “I live here, I live at my job,” because often times car salespeople are there long hours, I would say “are you open to looking at another opportunity where you can leverage your time and make an extra income alongside of being here and probably actually replace the income you’re making here so you can walk away?” That’s powerful.

If I’m talking to a doctor, and I don’t get nervous talking to doctors, I actually enjoy it because they are just human beings and they are exhausted and we know that they need what we have. It could be a doctor, a gym owner, a therapist, anyone in that service providing industry. I would turn to them and I would say, “are you open to increasing your bottom line here very easily and helping your patients” or “helping your gym owners.”

For a business owner, you want to really talk about increasing their bottom line without actually having to take on more time. So you want to talk about leveraging that bottom line and freeing up their time to be able to go off and take a vacation “worry free” or have more time with their family without holding onto stress. How about not having to live at their retail shop, gym or practice?

So that’s just another way you can swing it. It’s kind of the same theme throughout, but you can swing it to the profession. You want to talk about leveraging their time, putting more money in their bank account, doing it with ease, doing it alongside what they’re currently doing.

Cheers to your success!

Julie XO Sig

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