How to Build a Solid Team

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth in your team at this moment? Do you struggle with keeping your team members motivated and want to see more production out of them? If you agree, then pay close attention to these tips and start implementing today!!

10 Network Marketing Tips for Team Building

1. Start acting as if!

So if you don’t have a team just yet, you still want to take on the posture that you are in the process of building a HUGE organization. Right now your main focus is to find people who are ready to take this journey with you. See yourself leading calls, recognizing a team member and start acting as if you are leading a large team. The simple act of doing and visualization, your mind will start to believe you have a large team which will start to attract new thoughts.

2. Teammates need to qualify for your time.

Never let a teammate abuse you verbally or abuse your time. If someone is constantly asking you for advice but never taking it, give them homework. You must protect your time and offer it to the right teammates that are producing, duplicating and showing up to the occasion.

3. Never assume people want it as bad as you.

This is a very common mistake. Ask them why they joined and what they hoped to gain out of this. Remember we love and respect our product users, they are the lifeline of your business, so make sure you DO NOT disregard them.  Be happy with anyone that wants to join whether it’s a business prospect or product user. Also, make sure you don’t make the assumption just because they said they can use extra cash. Even if that’s mentioned they will pull back at some point and say they want to try the product or service first to see what they experience.  There will always be more people using the product over those that come in to build a business.

4. Stop striving for the recognition and instead strive to lift others up.  

Network Marketing can slap you in the face from time to time so make sure you are empowering others growth. Run your own team calls, webinars and zoom trainings. When at an event make sure you pull a team member out to share their story. This helps them to break out of their comfort zone and that’s where growth takes place.  

5. Stop Motivating, Start Inspiring!

One of the most common questions I get is How Can I Motivate Them? You will want to realize that everyone starts at a different point.  Some want to treat their business as a hobby and some want to blow it out of the water.  You love on everyone but the majority of your time will be inspiring the team that is going after it. If they are in action, you are in the trenches beside them. The easiest way to motivate is to get them rank advanced ASAP. When they see how easy it is to follow the system, learn the skills and get paid, that’s when duplication sets in, but always keep inspiring and leading by example.

6. Instead of being pushy, digress!

This is the same thing I always tell my team when it comes to selling, play the takeaway card if they are hesitant. We don’t ever, ever want to force someone into joining a team or purchasing our products if they don’t want to.  That’s cramming it mad style down their throat and it leaves a really bad impression.  Start asking your team member questions. Why did you join? What did you hope to gain? Do you truly want those things? How will you attain freedom if you don’t build this? Are those things serious to you? These questions honor the person in regards to asking why the hell they ever joined in the first place. Let’s get back to the vision of what they dreamed of.

7. Teach others to do what you do!

If you don’t follow this then you’ll always be depended on and that just sucks! When they ask questions, send them to a tool to find the answer.  You want to point them in the right direction and empower them, NOT enable them.  When I got started in Network Marketing I had TONS of questions. The best thing my up line did was to be my tour guide so I can do my own due diligence. “Teach to Teach” means you are completely duplicatable to the next person so your business will go on with or without you. Would you want to be on the phone for 30-60 minutes with someone or take 5 seconds to point them to a training, video, blog you created or a certain website? That’s what I thought

8. Recognition is crucial!

People love to feel good, right? People love the limelight on them, even if they say they hate it, correct? People want to be recognized for their efforts, yes? So always make sure you are recognizing those that are putting in the effort you want them to. Help others realize the greatness they have inside of them.

9. Invest in you!

I CAN’T express enough how important this is. If your company offers events, you need to be there and get your people there. Understand this profession. When I got started I never heard of Network Marketing before, so I needed to become the student and fast. It’s not just about investing money into your business but also time. What are you willing to give up today to be where you want to in 2-3 years from now? Education is key and then you can offer more value. When you invest in yourself, you instantly become more valuable to your own team that you are building. Always be learning so you can always be sharing.

10. Only give your advice when asked!

When I have a team member call me up on a rampage, or down in the dumps I listen with no interruption. After they are finish, I politely ask them if they are coach-able based on how they answer. Remember here that you are NOT their boss so you don’t tell them what to do. Instead you give advice and train through telling stories or through your own experience.

Cheers to your success!

Julie XO Sig

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