12 Tips to Time Management

Julie’s 12 Time Management Tips:

1) Complete most important task first.  Identify the 2 tasks that will be income producing and do those first and you will start the day feeling like a success.  Visualize the outcome.

2) Don’t get stalled by unimportant details and social media.  I am the first one to admit that I can be a bit of a perfectionist.  Until I realized that’s no way to live.  Perfection can lead to procrastination which leads nowhere.  Social Media and Internet can be one of the biggest drains on productivity and can KILL your day.

3) Learn to say No.  You are not a bad person. You are running a successful business which means that some things will need to go on the back burner and that is ok.

4) Focus on 1 task at a time:  If you start thinking of the massive list of TO DO’s realize that is the quickest way to destroy your progress.  Bite-sized goals and bite-sized tasks.  So take a deep breath and take it one step at a time.


5) Be organized:  I can probably spend a day on this one.  Having a system set in place is crucial for success.  If you are organized then that saves a ton of time ruffling through folders, notebooks, and papers.  Unsubscribe from any e-mail list that is taking away your attention.  You want to streamline to what is income producing for you and your business and not be distracted by shiny objects.

6) Feed the Mind, Body, and Soul – As busy Entrepreneur we can get bogged down with details, work, family..etc.  You want to make sure that your living within a healthy lifestyle and not skipping meals.  Studies have show that productivity goes down if you don’t eat healthy, exercise and get at least 8 hours of sleep.  Every morning between  I am moving my body either through a Yoga class, Cardio or Weight Lifting.  This will clear your mind and flood in new ideas.

7) Wake up earlier – I have small children so for me mornings can be sacred when I wake up before them. I take the time to head to my office and get prepared for my day. I know at this point I won’t have a full 60 minutes so I might answer a few emails, throw a post out on Social Media, or just take the time to meditate in stillness.

8) A little on Weekends goes a long way – I understand that weekends are for spending time with the Family. I get it but I have found when I just take 1 or 2 hours each day to do something I feel so much more productive and it completely eases up the workload for Monday’s. You will still have plenty of time to play without drowning in work after the weekend is over. You will thank yourself.


9) Use downtime to do something – If you take the train to work, sit in traffic, getting a pedicure, Dr. Office..etc. Wherever you can be holding a book or listening to a personal development audio.. utilize that time. Learn something new. Fill your mind with positivity and allow yourself to soak in that information. My car has become a rolling classroom for positive learning.

10) Be a Professional – I understand at times it can get lonely when you’re running an operation from your home. Yes.. we live the dream of making our own hours and being our own boss but that can also be a downfall. So you must commit to you to do something every day that will push your business forward. Treat your business as the Million Dollar business it is or will be. When you treat it like a hobby then that’s when it will pay you like a hobby. Be committed and follow through.

11) Eliminate Distractions – Clean house.. literally! Declutter whatever you need to so you can let the new come in. There are probably more non-essential items laying around your workspace than there are essential. We live in excess so when we can remove some of that we become more in touch with what is significant and deserving of our time.

12) Enjoy what you are creating – If you are starting a new business remember it’s like birthing a new life. It takes time to nurture and grow so patience must come into play. If you’ve been at this for more than a year, chances are you feeling more stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Remember to take time to be in stillness instead of in go, go, go mode all the time. Have fun at what you’re creating and find time to enjoy your day and arrange your commitments to what makes you happy.


Cheers to your success!

Julie XO Sig

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