I want to share with you the three most important skills you’ll need to have to build your home-based business.

Four years ago, I was introduced to the profession of network marketing as a stay-at-home mom. Within the year, I was able to achieve a six-figure income, and I want to teach you exactly how I did that.


3 Main Ingredients for Building Your Home-Based Business

#1: Posture

The very first of the three most important skills that you must have in your home-based business is that you need to have posture. First of all, I don’t just mean standing tall and not slumping forward with your arms crossed. Obviously that’s not great, either.

But what I mean is that you need to know that people need your service or product. When you hold that posture, it attracts people to you. You’re not wishy-washy, and you just know that you have the best products or services for the person you’re talking to.

#2: Tonality

The other thing that you need to have is tonality.

This just means that you don’t want to have a monotone voice. Learn how to talk with a lot of burning passion, bringing your voice up and down. Check in with your tonality when you’re speaking to people and make sure that your voice has a lot of excitement to it.

#3 Energy

You have to bring it when you’re talking to people.

If you’re not showing your excitement and passion when you’re talking to people, you need to have a little bit of a reality check. Think about the company you’re aligned with and your business. Dig deep…are you really in the right spot? You should have so much passion when you talk to people about your opportunities.

Building a business is not easy, but when you master these skills it can be a lot simpler.



Cheers to your success!

Julie XO Sig


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