As busy entrepreneurs building our empires, sometimes we lose sight of us and our health. Most times people forget to eat and hydrate, so I wanted to share 5 tips to how I stay healthy and keep the belly bulge away. We love being entrepreneurs because we have the freedom, but when you’re sitting at your desk all day long working on a project and making connections, you’re not moving. We don’t want to lose sight of what is important.


5 Simple Secrets to Banish the Entrepreneur Belly Bulge

It’s so easy to fall into the entrepreneur belly bulge, but I’ve developed some strategies to help me stay fit and healthy. Here are my five tips to remaining healthy while maintaining my business:

  1. Hydrate. I have a 32-ounce bottle that I carry around with me everywhere I go. Make sure you drink enough water! It sounds very simple but we often forget to drink enough throughout the day.
  1. Move. Take a short break to take a walk around the block and get some sort of movement. You don’t want your joints to get stiff, so do some jumping jacks or whatever exercise you like. Move for about five to ten minutes, because afterwards you get more ideas and more creativity starts to flow through!
  1. Give up artificial sweeteners and sugars. It’s common for me to see people drinking Diet Coke, and other drinks with artificial sweeteners. It’s important that you start eating real foods and skip the artificial, junk foods.
  1. Eat. We get so busy that we often forget to eat, so keep in mind to eat every three to four hours – it sounds often, but the more often you eat the more energy you will have to work. Pick low-calorie snacks like apples or celery, or a small amount of nuts that are full of protein. It will help maintain your hunger, and prevent you from eating high-calorie meals.
  1. Do a cleanse. I’ve tried many different cleanses, and the one I recommend the most is a self-cleanse. If you want, you can reach out to me and I will explain everything, but self cleanses have shown me the most results.

These are my five tips for entrepreneur belly bulge that I’ve tried to keep as simple as possible. Ever since I implemented them, my entrepreneur belly has all but disappeared. If you would like, you can connect with me on my business page and on Facebook. I share a lot of motivation and business tips, so make sure to stop by.

Cheers to your success!

Julie XO Sig

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