3 Simply Succesful Lines to Use With Your Warm & Cold Prospects

I want to talk to you about the three most successful ways to reach out to your warm and cold market prospects.

This is the exact strategy I’ve used as a Network Marketing newbie to get to a six-figure income within twelve months, and then onto a multiple six-figure income.

I’m going to tell you right now, we tend to over complicate the process. I get it. I can totally relate. When I first started out I was so excited about the products and what they did for me, that I just couldn’t shut up. I don’t want you to feel like you’re alone. If this is you, cut yourself some slack and use these three strategies to reach out to and approach people.

#1. “If I can show you a way.”

I love this line. It is really simple because if you are out somewhere and really connecting with someone, you think they are outgoing, they have a great personality, you have a connection with them, you could say “Listen, if I could show you a way to create a secondary income alongside what you are currently doing, would that be appealing to you? Boom. That’s simple.

If they are interested, you will want to get their phone number, email address or give them your contact information to continue the conversation. Remember to manage the conversation, saying “I’m going to send you some information. When can you follow up?” or “I’m going to send you a video. When can you watch it?” Then be sure to set up a time to follow-up before ending the conversation.

You walk them through that process. Line number one, “If I can show you.”


#2. “Are you open?”

This is a great segue into a conversation or if you’re doing cold market social media prospecting where you are sending people information. Listen, you want to build rapport because you don’t go to Facebook to sell.

You also have to respect the fact that some people love their nine-to-five job. They love what they do, but maybe they’re not getting paid what they’re worth. We have all be there. I was in Corporate America and retired from it at 22. I was done exchanging time and money and being treated like crap. That’s me. Some people do love their job, but they’re just not getting paid enough. In that scenario, you could say, “Are you open to making some extra income?” HELLO, who would say no to that?!?!?

If they say yes, then you continue the conversation with something like, “Great, I would love to set up some time to do a quick call to talk about what the company does.” This is a very short conversation.  You want your tools or your upline third party to do the talking for you.

I basically built my entire business off of the three-way call. I understand some of you might not have that upline support. Just know, you can go sideline or even downline, see if there’s somebody that can help be that third-party edification to share stories. It’s stories that sell, right?


#3. “Do you know someone?”

This is the referral approach. Let’s say you reach out to a warm or cold market prospect and they say no. People say no all the time; it’s okay when they say no. A great book to read to help you get over this fear is ‘Go for No,” by X. It’s seriously one of the easiest books to read and you’ll have it down in one or two days.

If they say no, ask for referrals. Always ask for referrals before you end the conversation. See if they know of someone who might be interested in making extra money or whatever it is you are prospecting them with. If it’s your product, ask them “Who do you know that’s looking for weight loss? More energy? Better skin? Additional income to make an extra $500 months?” Whatever your product or business is, that’s the approach to use.

You can also reach out on social media, which a lot of my team has been doing, and say, “Hey Sue, it’s so good to catch up. How have you been? I partnered with XYZ company. Do you know anybody that is looking for better health more vibrancy, to lose weight?” Use referral approach in that way. Don’t necessarily approach them with the opportunity or product, see if they know someone interested. This is kind of the sidelined or sleeper approach, where you aren’t calling them out but asking for a referral.

Here’s what Sue’s going to do. She’s going to say, “Well Julie, I’m actually actually looking for more energy/weight loss/discounted travel.” When you don’t include them in that approach they might think, “Wait a second, why aren’t you thinking of me for that approach?” You guys, this works like a charm.

There you guys go. There’s my three tips. Number one, “If I can show you,” number two, “Are you open?” and number three, the referral approach, “Do you know someone?”

I got to go, but I do want you to go to my Featured Products page and grab your free cheat sheet. Drop in your email and you’re going to get my “41 Bulletproof One-Liner” Conversation Starters for your cold market, warm market or hot market. It’s a great tool to open up the conversation. In that guide I also take you through the whole follow up sequence because, the fortune is in the follow up.

I hope these three lines help you. If you do, please comment below. If you have questions, please message me. Also, share this with people you know that over-complicate the process. They don’t know unless you share. Sharing is caring.

Have a blessed day everybody.


Cheers to your success!

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3 Simply Succcessful Lines for Warm & Cold Prospects