3 Ways to Make an Income and How to Cast the Vision


I want to share with you something that really helped transform my business.

I learned about the three ways to make an income while I was out talking to prospects. It was really cool to learn it for myself, because I have earned an income all three ways. Money is good. We need money to live and survive, right? Explaining the three types of income is great to use when you are talking to prospects and you are casting your vision. You can help explain to them what I am about to share with you and give them options and solutions. Cast your vision.


Ok so here it is.

Income #1 – Linear Income

I also call this confined income or one-shot income.

Prior to being introduced to Network Marketing, I was in corporate America from 18 to 22. During that time, I was making confined money, one-shot money or what some people know as a linear income. You are exchanging hours for dollars, it is a set salary. If you have to work overtime, oh well, you don’t get any more money for it. Even if you do get paid hourly, you’re still putting in hours at work, not being with your family, not able to go on vacation, go shopping, whatever you’d really want to be doing. You are exchanging hours for dollars, right? You’re confined to that way of making money. That’s linear and the way most of the people in America make money, the way we were taught. Go to school, get an education, find a job, get paid, work 40+ hours a week to work towards retirement.

At 22, I said ‘goodbye’ to corporate America and linear income. I was done. I made great money, but I was depressed and unhappy and I could not see myself doing that for the next 40 years of my life. So, I started making money the second way.

 Income #2 – Leverage Income

This is business owners. After leaving corporate America at 22, I went and I bought myself a franchise, because I thought it was my ticket to freedom. I literally did. I invested $750,000 into my franchise. Don’t ask what I was doing with that kind of money back then. That’s what I did.

This type of income is called leverage income, being a business owner, but I call it slave income.

Here’s why. I was a slave to my business. If you own and operate your own business, it’s your livelihood. I can speak this because I owned my business for eight years. It was my flipping livelihood. I invested so much money and time because I had to make sure the stores were successful, right? I was there from the moment every morning at 6 before the store opened and I didn’t get out of the place until around 9:30 that night.  Can you imagine that, seven days a week? I did that for years before I was ever even able to take my first vacation. Finally, when we decided to have a family I had to let go because I was so stressed I couldn’t even deal with it anymore.

If you’re nervous to talk to business owners, don’t be. They need this. They are drowning. They’re probably mostly in the red. Most businesses fail within their first year, so please go out and talk to them.

Income #3 – Residual Income

Yes, there is a better way and this is it. Here’s why. Residual income is something that continues to be generated after the initial effort. Residual, or passive income, is money that works for you. I work my days around my children or if I want to go get my nails done, do yoga, my vacations, whatever.

That’s why it’s a better way. It is serious money. It’s literally this asset that you did not have before, whether you’re looking to create $500 a month, $1,000 a month or even $1,000 a week.

When I stepped into Network Marketing, I started talking to people, I started going to networking events, I started posting things on Facebook to create curiosity. People began reaching out to me asking, “What is it that you have?” I started building those relationships.

It is that exponential growth because I stepped in and said, “I love these products. I want to build an opportunity. I want to drive extra income into my household as a stay-at-home mom.” I raised by hand and said, “I’m coachable. Show me what to do. I did it. I did exactly what I was told to do and it worked. By putting forth that effort in the beginning, it’s like rolling that snowball. You pack the snowball and start rolling it up the hill. You pack it with more snow, in this case people, and keep rolling. Eventually it’s going to get bigger and gain momentum because you’re building exponential growth. That is what happened to me.

This is why I fell in love with Network Marketing and why I want to see everybody succeed in this profession, and you can. YOU CAN. You just need to understand the skill sets and the fundamentals. Start owning that you are in sales and marketing and start learning how to sell and market the right way and brand yourself. Not your products, not your services, not your opportunity…you.

Cast the Vision

Linear, leverages and residual. Residual trumps all. Cast this vision to others when you’re out there talking with people. You’re talking to people that are in corporate America, struggling, facing challenges to make more money. Offer them your opportunity as a side.

Most people are scared to leave their nine-to-five jobs. They’re not just going to quit tomorrow, right? You can say to them, “Listen, you can build your fortune on the side until, eventually, that’s going to overcome and replace your nine-to-five job and you can leave. You can say ‘goodbye’ and go home and be with your children or do whatever the heck you want to do. You could have more time freedom.”

Cast a vision. It’s important to give people these options. Offer them a solution and options to a better way.

Hey, if you’re happy being a slave to your income, cool. You know where to reach me. You’re not doing it with arrogance, you’re doing it from a place of love. I always come from a place of love, and that’s super, super important. I want to see you live the life that you truly, truly desire; full of joy, purpose, and freedom. That’s what I’m about, and that’s what I want to help you do. Kill it in your business!

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Cheers to your success!

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3 Ways to Make an Income & How to Cast the Vision