3 Tips to Get People's Attention

I turned to Facebook to connect and build relationships with people. I quickly grew into a six-figure income within a year. So, that’s what I help teach others to do. To use social media to help grow their own Network Marketing business.

So you have a Facebook page, you are posting engaging content but maybe you aren’t getting anyone to respond. Why aren’t you getting anywhere? That’s what I am going to talk to you about in this episode.

I teach a lot of different Network Marketing strategies, but one of the main things that I was able to do was to recruit 70-80% of my downline from Facebook. I recruited about 300 people, but it didn’t happen overnight. You have no idea how many people I talked to and made connections with to get to those 300.

It is work. It is work. It’s called Network Marketing, but it is patience as well, so here’s a couple of things.

3 Tips to Get People to Respond More to Your Message NUMBER ONE – It’s just par for the course.

A lot of times, people are just not going to respond. It doesn’t matter what you put in that message. It’s the nature of the beast. It’s called Network Marketing. Sometimes, you’re just not going to get a response.

However, it is still great to get in front of them, so if you are hitting them with the opportunity, they’re going to say, “Hey, I remember Julie. She messaged me about this other opportunity.”  Then maybe it’s six months down the road, and they reach out to you and you already forgot about them and you’re like, “Oh, my gosh, there she is.”

That’s a really cool aspect of Facebook – people are always watching you. When you get the message in front of them, they’re going to start following you on Facebook. Mark my words.


NUMBER TWO – Give them a reason to respond.

When you’re sending someone a message on Facebook you want to make sure the message is very personalized. I cannot stand it when I have somebody spamming me links to their company with no personalization telling me how great their company is, this or that.

There is no personal message and they’re not going to hear back from me. This has happened several times.

You want to include why – “Why are you messaging them?” because not everyone is going to be your prospect. You want to craft your message around what it is you have to offer and why you’re thinking of them. Don’t just say, “I’m thinking of you from my opportunity because you’re sharp and intelligent.” Tell them why you think they’re sharp and intelligent.

You could say, “Listen, I admire you. I have watched you grow your business from the ground up and I admire your tenacity and your dedication, so I would love for you to take a look at this. It might not be for you. Totally cool. Just let me know. I’d love to connect or meet for coffee.” That’s number two.

Give them a reason. Always, always, always compliment, but go beyond the compliment. Tell them why you think this way.


NUMBER THREE – Give them an out.

I know this sounds weird to a lot of you, but you want to give them an out and say, “Either way if you could just let me know. If it’s not for you that is totally cool. Just let me know, and I’ll mark you off my list and, if you’re open to continuing the conversation, I would love that, too. Again, just let me know and we could set up a coffee date or just a time to chat.” Simple.


Those are my top three tips to get people to respond to your message. I hope you found value from them. If you know someone who is feeling frustrating because they are messaging people on Facebook and just not hearing back or making any traction, share this with them.

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As always..

Cheers to your success!

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