Active and Passive Tips for Network Marketers

I want to share some real quick online tips and terms of active marketing and passive marketing with you. I utilized Facebook to recruit about 80% of my down line and I want to share some tips on how to be active and passive online to drive your business.

Really, marketing is not about making money. Marketing is about utilizing your Facebook to market yourself — not your company, not your product, not your opportunity. It’s a way to leverage your time and to have people start following you.


Really, that’s how I utilized Facebook when I first started. You know, stay at home mom, now I’m running three businesses from my house. At the time, it was just my network marketing business. I quickly grew to a six-figure business within a year because of some of these strategies to actively go out and prospect online, or just create a lot of curiosity.

Number one for creating curiosity, in a passive way, is through your posts. It’s not necessarily saying the company you’re with or the product you’re using.

I know there are some network marketing companies that you have to mention the name of the product, which is fine, but I still wouldn’t mention the company. It’s okay to name the product.

For instance, when I started on Facebook, I basically put a post out there and I said, “Can you believe in 11 days I dropped 6 pounds, 12 inches, and almost 4% body fat without killing myself at the gym or dieting?” Of course, it got a lot of engagement, because I didn’t say, “I’m taking this product. Check it out.”

45 people reached out to me and asked me what I was doing. Curiosity. Even when I was posting before and after transformations, I kept going with that.

Some more passive marketing is just updating your brand, giving value, giving content. You’ll gain a following through that. Every time I do a Facebook Live around a recipe or some quick demonstration of what I’m cooking … Oh my gosh, the engagement is ridiculous.

People know me for healthy living, being into yoga, fitness, all of that. Then I have my business brand, Create Success with Julie, where I’m offering network marketing tips to help network marketers grow their business.

Always update your brand. You’re branding you, not your company.

Share value inside groups. There’s a lot of Facebook groups around network marketing.

Develop relationships with other network marketers, other groups and individuals that have the same interests and solutions you’re providing. For me, I might go into health and wellness groups. I’m building relationships with people in that group and adding value.

So, then, what happens?

They’re going to find me outside of the group, friend me and start following me. Then, ask questions to create engagement. That’s a really cool way, as well, for passive marketing. Because I will tell you, it boosts engagement when you ask questions.

All right, some active ways that you can do it and actually target your market is through reaching out on Facebook to connect and chat.

I use Facebook Messenger a lot. I love it. I love that little record button, because you only have a minute to talk, and it helps with diarrhea of the mouth.

It’s just a simple, “Hey, I saw you commented on my post. I’m happy to share more with you. Let me know if you want to chat.” Or let’s say somebody’s posting about having a bad day at work or having low energy — because the product I’m with, can help sustain energy — so I might reach out to them on Facebook Messenger and say, “Hey, I saw your post about how you’re struggling with energy. I have something that might help you. I know it helped me. I suffered for years. I’m happy to share more with you. Let me know if you’re open.” Oh my gosh, it’s so simple.

Sometimes we get so nervous because we want to over complicate the process. Please don’t over complicate it.

It’s just a simple yes or no. Either they are or they’re not.

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You can call leads. I know, for me, I didn’t really call leads, but I know there’s a lot of people that cold-call leads. That’s another way, actively, that you can reach out to people.

Local prospecting, this is obviously more offline. If you’re out and about and you connect with somebody. I had a coaching client share this with me. She says that the woman who serves her coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts is so friendly, such a people person. My client asked me how to make the connection? I said, “Lead with a compliment, and then you just ask her if she’s open. You say, ‘I know you’re busy. You’re at work. I want to respect your time, and I gotta get going. I think you’re great. I see you week after week. Are you ever open to making extra income outside of what you’re doing here?'”

I mean, most likely, she is. Right? Then you just exchange information. It’s just very simple. You have to invite. You’re inviting at that point. Then you send the tool.

Live events and networking are ways to actively market. I lived at networking events my first six months because I went cold market first, so I was building relationships. Again, this is a little bit more offline, but you need to build relationships because that’s how you grow your business. That’s how people know and trust you, and that’s how they’re going to recommend you and refer you to their friends and family. Super important to network with other people.

And then you can do presentations of your business or product. You can do some live demos through a Facebook Live group where you invite people. You can have it be a closed group where it’s invitation only.

You can do a Facebook Live on your personal page and educate and give value around your product, but you’re not necessarily saying what your product is.

Here’s an example. I did a Facebook Live, and it was called Five Ways to Kick Cellulite’s Ass. It was either a Facebook Live or an article. I can’t remember. Anyways, what I did is I took an article from Shape Magazine. I took four of the seven ways from the article and I repurposed the content. You don’t ever want to plagiarize. I matched it to my voice, and then I made the fifth way something to wrapped around my product. I said, “For more information about what I use, message me.”

There you have it. They were messaging me about my product. That’s another way to create curiosity, and being more active marketing in terms of, having a call to action.

In regards to doing your videos, you want to make sure that you introduce yourself, and then you want to set the intention of the video, and then get right to the topic, get right to the content, and then to the call to action.

So, those four ways, that’s how you do the video. I hope you found value in this information.

I wanted to put together a guide for network marketers, to help all of you, even just some of the basic questions of when to post and how to post and strategies and maybe some scripts and things like that. It’s my Social Media Recruiting Frenzy freebie. I put a lot of value in it, because I get questions so much about how I recruited about 80% of my down line through Facebook.

It’s really that simple. Click the link below to get your free guide.

Social Media Recruiting FrenzyAs always..

Cheers to your success!

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Active and Passive Tips for Network Marketers