5 Common Distractions

Hey everybody. I wanted to pop in to talk to you about distractions. I’m not sure if any of you can relate, or if any of you have distractions in your home-based business.

I will tell you right now that I have a lot of distractions, including my main distraction – my children. If you’re a parent, drop a comment below, and let me know if your children are like mine and want to distract you any time you’re doing something. 😊


Actually, one of the things that just happened is I was about to leave my house to go to Starbucks, which is my second office, my home away from home. My two-year-old flew into the garage, started crying. That’s a distraction for me to get this episode to all of you, right?

There’s distractions all around us. But there’s five main distractions when building your network marketing business that I have seen, that really can hold you back. And you can relate it to your network marketing business, or just life in general, in terms of you just being an entrepreneur or wanting to become that entrepreneur. Maybe you’re still stuck in that nine to five job, and you’re trying to get out, and you’re looking at network marketing as your vehicle.

I want to help you overcome some of these distractions. So, here are the top 5 distractions and what you can do to move past them.


Distraction #1 – Other People’s Self-Limiting Beliefs

Can any of you relate to this? When you’re starting, or possibly growing a new business, there’s no shortage of individuals who are eager to tell you what you’re going to do to fail. Maybe they don’t have belief in what you’re doing. It could be people that you know well, or it can be strangers. Other people want to project their self-limiting beliefs onto you and your business, and that really sucks.

One of the things that happened to me when I opened my own franchise, my family laughed at me. And I don’t know if they were laughing at me because they were ignorant, or laughing at me because they didn’t believe I could do something like that. I had that happen to me then, and I also had that happen to me in my network marketing business.

Realize that these people are addressing their own struggles that they’re having inside. Those are not your struggles. Understand it’s a fear of failure that scares many people away from becoming the entrepreneur that they want to be. Right?

Even some people that are successful question themselves. And I’ll be honest, this is me with having all the success I’ve been having, and have had. You know, making multiple six figures in network marketing, am I worthy of that?

This is a distraction that you can’t actually avoid. It’s going to start with you filtering, first all the language you use with yourself, and filtering who you allow in your life and the information that you share with others that are not supportive.


Distraction #2 – Success Envy.

Social media and the internet has allowed us to share our lives and our experiences and we have seen the success and lives other entrepreneurs area having. You start to create that envy and that jealousy in yourself. You start questioning yourself. Maybe it’s a rank advancement that you see people having, and you’re like “how are they growing so fast?” Or maybe they won a trip, and you’re just envious of that.

You want to cheer them on. You want to cheer the fellow entrepreneur on, and you really cannot compare someone’s beginning to someone’s middle. You don’t know their backstory. You don’t know where they came from. Maybe they had other experiences with other companies, and now they finally figured it out.

Use their win as motivation to get some wins in your business.

Entrepreneurship is about your own personal journey. You cannot compare yourself to somebody else.

I’ve been guilty of it. I believe it’s part of human nature to be jealous and envy, but it can destroy you, if you don’t channel it a different way.


Distraction #3 – Utilizing Outdated Strategies

I can think of several outdated strategies that I feel are in network marketing, and I’m not saying that old school is dead. We still need to go and prospect offline, just as much as we do online. But there are some over-hyped strategies for sure.

These distractions could keep you from what’s going to work in your business. And the best way to know what’s going to work for you, is testing. So go out, connect with somebody. Keep it really short. If you see a waitress or a waiter, and you think they’re great, compliment them. Start to get to know them, FORM them you guys. And what I mean by FORM is, Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation. Talk to them, find out if they love what they’re doing, and then just see if they’re open to making an extra income alongside what they’re currently doing.

This is not a pitch. You do not sell them at that point, you test that, and you start testing some strategies online, but learn the online strategies correctly. If you haven’t gotten it yet, my Social Media Recruiting Frenzy, drop your email in on this page and grab that. That guide is going to teach you how to utilize Facebook the right way, because I see it done so wrong. And you could just take what I teach you and apply it to Instagram, LinkedIn, all of it. But if you are doing some outdated strategies, maybe start learning some new one and start testing them.


Distraction #4 – Disorganization

Anyone disorganized? “Oh man, totally.”Disorganization is probably the greatest thing distracting you. You have stuff all over your office, your desk, you can’t even see your desk anymore, right? A disorganized business is definitely a distraction and it leads to confusion. And ultimately cause you to just lose a sense of where you’re at, and what you have to do.

If you’re not good at organizing, maybe you want to think about outsourcing. If you’re on a budget, maybe have your spouse help you. I know my spouse helped me put together a dashboard, where we’re keeping a log of all of our expenses and just different things. We’re calling it a dashboard, for budgeting and things like that. Spend time getting your office organized, and let’s get rid of confusion.


Distraction #5 – Inadequate Knowledge of Your Business

In today’s world, especially when it comes to network marketing, I hear this all the time. I actually was talking with a client the other day, and she has been doing network marketing for eight months, and has seven customers. She’s been reading books. She’s been listening to podcasts. She’s been listening to CDs. I mean I was listening to her talk and talk and talk. She’s read this. She’s read this. She’s read this. And I said, “That is great, but what it’s doing is it’s holding you up, because you feel you need to know everything about this business, and everything about your company, and you really don’t.”

Being in network marketing is really just about sharing your story and sharing your experience with others. All you’ve got to become is a really good story teller, and everything else falls into place as you earn your money.

You learn as you earn. Boom.

Take 20 minutes out of your day to listen to a podcast, read another chapter in the book. You don’t have to finish an entire book in a day, and then start another book, and another book. You guys, it’s going to get overwhelming for you.

You have to stay focused on where you are right now, and where your business is. Create some sort of business plan. If you haven’t created a business plan, it’s just a roadmap, which means you want to have clear goals. Whether it’s a seven-day goal, don’t get overwhelmed. One week, 30 days, 60 days, I like to keep it at about 60 days max. Create some goals.

What does that look like? We call it smart goals, and it’s getting really specific at what you want right now, and then projecting in the future. If you want to make $X this month, how many people do you have to recruit into your business? Let’s say it’s three people. We know how the numbers work, right? If we want to recruit three people, we’re probably going to have to talk to anywhere from 15-20 people, if that, until you get really good at recruiting. Just driving them right to the close, to the enrollment.

Start by becoming aware. Be aware of your distractions. I hope this helps you. Drop a comment below. Share it if you got value. If you know people that have a lot of distractions in their life, and you know that this message can help them, please share. Sharing is caring. I love to hear from all of you, so please drop me a comment, if you have any other struggles or additional questions.

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As always..

Cheers to your success!

Did this help you? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.


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5 Common Distractions