3 Ways to Maximize Your Profit

For this episode, I want to give you three quick tips to help your network marketing business profit. What I mean by that is utilizing Facebook Live to bring your message to market.

I really want to press upon you how important it is to do Facebook Live. Knock off the noise that’s going on in your head, I know I’ve been there, I struggled with it. For those of you that didn’t know, I recently did a webinar called Social Media Recruiter. I did it for the community that I’m a part of called, Elite Marketing Pro. They’re mentors to me and they asked me to create a product because so many network marketers need help to really build their business utilizing Facebook the right way, because often times we see it done the wrong way.

I’ll share a little bit more with you later, but really quick I just want to give you three steps.

Number One – Define Your Market

Be really selective. Not everyone is going to be a prospect for your business service or opportunity, so you really have to ask yourself – who do you want to attract into your company, into your product? It gets really hard if you try and target everybody, so you want to start tailoring your message to a particular audience. That way, when you go and do Facebook Lives you really bring to life the person who you want to attract.

Facebook Live really helps you do that very quickly. You need to really hone in on who your message is for, who your products can help and serve, and your opportunity, and start to define your market.

Here are some questions to ask yourself –

Who do I want to attract?

What is their pain? What is their greatest struggle?

How can my solution help them?

Those are the three questions to help you define your market. So, I’m in health and wellness, and the majority of the people were looking for energy and weight loss, so that’s how I had to tailor my message.

Social Media RecruiterNumber Two – Do What Will Attract

No one can afford to target everybody, and I know we think we have something that can help everybody, but if you really sit down and think about it, and think about the people that you’d want to actually work with and help, you don’t want everyone coming in. You don’t want complainers, right?  They don’t want to put in the work, so you don’t want them to buy your product, then turn around and return it. Right? What’s the point of that?

Again, that’s why you want to get specific on your message. For example, when I owned my franchise, it was a food franchise, and what did we sell? We sold sub sandwiches. We didn’t do soups, salads, or any of that nonsense. So, our messaging was to the customer that loves sub sandwiches. That’s how they tailored their market. We would not market to vegans, that would make no sense. You have to get to the nitty gritty of who your target is and then tailor your message around that target.


Number Three – Maximize Your Following with a Facebook Fan Page

It’s having a Facebook Fan page verses a personal page. It’s really important that you know the difference between the two and you start building your brand and your identity on a Fan page.

This obviously goes back to the target market, your target audience, so if you’re in a network marketing business, or direct sales business, you can go to a fan page and start creating value and content. Not spamming your company, but creating content wrapped around what you have to offer, the solutions you have to offer, and then your call to action should be drop me a comment below if you want to learn more, or message me.

Another great tip about a fan page is you can take your Facebook Life videos and boost them in front of your target audience, which is absolutely amazing. You can also share your links from your fan page, so when you do those videos you can actually crossover into other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube. You do the video just one time and then boom you can spread it across many platforms.

So those are the three steps to maximized your business and your profit –  Define your market, do what will attract and understand the difference between a personal page and a fan page.

If you want to learn more about this topic, grab my training, Social Media Recruiter. I talk about how to boost your profile and following using Social Media as well as my six step formula which literally takes you step-by-step of how to connect with someone on your personal page all the way to starting a conversation with them on a call. Click the link below to get my guide.

If you found value in this information I just shared with you, please make sure you share it. Drop a comment, below. Let me know what questions you have. Let me know if you’re struggling with something that I can help you with, I’d be happy to create an episode around that.

Bye for now.

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Cheers to your success!

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Profits