Targeting Your Message on Social Media

Recently, a member of my fan page reached out and asked me this question:

When utilizing Facebook, do you ever set friends into different groups within your friends list, like a friend list for weight loss, a friend list for prospects, a friend list for customers, or did you just keep your friends list complete. Is creating separate lists a better way to target?



My response was “no.”

I keep them as one. I know some people who do segregate out. For those of you in a network marketing company that have multiple solutions, you can do that if you want. However, I didn’t.


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And here’s why.

I don’t make a weight loss friends list, because who am I to say who wants weight loss or not? I don’t do an energy list, I don’t do a healthy aging list, I don’t do a wealth creation list and I don’t do a fitness list. These are all of the things in my company that we have solutions for. But if I were to segregate those people out, out of thousands of friends, how do I determine who wants weight loss or energy? I feel like everyone wants energy, right? 😊 Who’s to say who wants healthy aging? I know people who are 30 looking for healthy aging, it’s not just the baby boomers. Who am I to say who my potential business builders could be?

So my answer is no.

And on top of that, this is probably most important reason, if someone sees my post and they like or comment on the post, it may not necessarily be for them. Their friends are going to see on the feed and they are going to see to the right-hand side a little bit about what I write and what I am about.

I have actually recruited and enrolled so many people who didn’t know me but saw my post of their friend’s feed. Another reason why I don’t separate my lists. You have to consider the time it takes to separate your lists along with the solutions you offer your customers to see if that is something that is necessary for you and your business.

You have to do what is right for you.

I thought that was an interesting question and I wanted to share my response with everyone.

You don’t want to limit who sees your message. If you separate your lists and only deliver your message to certain lists, you are limiting who you reach. If people don’t want to see your post, they can move right along.

Sometimes in my posts, I will call out certain people. I’ll say “This is for those who are looking for weight loss only.” I like to do that because people see that and it may pique their interest and they will know it is for them.

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Targeting Your Message on Social Media