3 Messages for a 100% Response Rate

I know I talk a lot about utilizing social media when prospecting and recruiting, but I wanted to talk to you about using another resource.


I was on a call with a coaching client, and I’m actually going to be sharing what he has been doing. What I’ve seen him do has a 100% response rate.

One of the first things he did was go through my Social Media Recruiter Course. For those of you that don’t know, I have a course called Social Media Recruiter, which is a really in-depth web class, it’s three hours broken into modules, that goes over passive prospecting, active prospecting, where I started on my personal page. I walk you through a six-step formula. This is not paying for advertising or anything like that. It is relationship building, and how to do social media the right way.


He watched it twice and then he took what I discussed in the course and applied it. Here’s the really cool part.


What he did is he took what I teach in Social Media Recruiter, and my 41 Bulleproof One Liners, which is my freebie. You can grab that here. It’s free. Just drop in your email and get my 41 Bulletproof One Liners. What he did is he merged them together.


He went to MeetUp.com. For those of you that know what Meetup is, it’s networking groups, millions of people, all different networking groups. Besides me building rapport in cold market connections through Facebook, I also went to a lot or networking events. He told me that he was chatting with people through the networking groups


All right, so here are the three introductions that he used. Ben, I’m giving you credit sir.

41 Bullet Proof One-Liners

Number One – He wrote, “Happy New Year. So how’s the real estate business going? I noticed you’ve liked my page about network marketing tips and I would like to say thanks. And just curious, what’s something you would like to learn? What is something you would like to learn from my page? I look forward to hearing back from you.”


Really simple message you guys, right? He asked a question. That’s what I say all the time. Ask them a question.


The person wrote back and said, “Yes, I’m in real estate. I’m always looking for people that I can help sell their house. What’s a good pointer to find motivated sellers?”


He went back and forth and talked to this person.


Number Two –  “Happy New Year,” and said the person’s name. “Happy New Year, Justin. I wish you a great 2017. I saw your profile on the group and thought it would be great to connect and share business ideas. I am running a social shopping business. How about you?”


There is his one liner. He learned that from my 41 Bulletproof One Liners. He gave his one liner.


Justin wrote back, “Hey Ben, thanks. Happy New Year to you too. I do sales training and consulting for entrepreneurs. What’s your website and how does your shopping business work?”

Really, really simple stuff you guys. He is not blasting it all over the place. He is asking questions and then he’s just saying exactly what he does. Boom, really short messages.


Number Three – I really like this one. “Happy New Year. Wish you a great 2017. I saw your profile on the group and thought it would be great to connect and share business ideas. I am running a social shopping business. How about you?”


The same message, right?


This person wrote, “Pleasure to meet you. I provide business services as a merchant processing to payroll. Have you been to any of the MeetUps? What websites do you run?”


Really simple, clear cut messages. He’s just introducing himself. He’s saying what he does. He’s saying that he would like to connect and share business ideas.


The only tip I gave him is instead of going through all this dialogue with all these people, all you had to do is when they respond and say, “What’s your website? What shopping business do you run,” is say, “Hey, I’d love to chat more. When’s five minutes you’re available and we can discuss, and I also want to learn more about what you’re doing.”


You’re not making it all about you because the point of pulling it offline immediately is to build the relationship, have them hear your excitement, find common ground, and really just getting people to open up. If it’s not right for them or maybe it’s not the right moment to pitch what you have to them or promote what you have to them, find out more about them.


More than anything, be interested in them. I’m telling you – the relationship will build. They will be open to giving you referrals if they are not interested in whatever it is that you’re doing.


I wanted to share this with you because I want you to understand, everybody he’s been connecting with through MeetUp.com chat groups has responded. He’s had 100% response rate based off of just simple tactics of what I’ve taught him and others.


He’s not overcomplicating the process.


The point of it is just making a quick connection and then getting them on the phone and taking it a step further and finding out where they’re at in their life. If you have something that they’re possibly interested in, and if not, ask for referrals.


If you haven’t checked out my Social Media Recruiter, do it, as well as my 41 Bulletproof One-Liners. As you learned from Ben, these are incredibly helpful tools to prospecting, recruiting and growing your business.


You guys, I hope this really helps you. Drop a comment below. Just say yes. If this helps, say yes. If you found value in it and you know team members that are struggling with cold market connecting, share this with them because they’re probably saying too much.


As always..

Cheers to your success!

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3 Messages for a 100% Response Rate