Being a network marketer has its difficulties!

There are many challenges that some may be unprepared for….rejections, being told no, unsupportive friends and family, and/or dealing with fear.

Too many times, network marketers are not taught how to build a solid foundation for their business by their uplines.

More importantly, many network marketers are not trained how to build the mindset muscle in order to navigate those challenges with success.

The ones who quit usually lose focus of their dreams trying to overcome the challenges on their own.

I want to see you succeed!

I understand the obstacles you are facing.

There are two essential areas that you need to focus on when you begin building:

One, your tools and processes for taking your business online and…

Two, the tools and processes for managing your mindset.

My team with Elite Marketing Pro provides the systems and tools needed to take a business online.

Today’s video is to focus on the second part of that equation, the mindset training.

Listen in below….


Through my trainings, I try to provide motivation, encouragement, and coaching tools to help you manage your mindset.

Even as much as I teach these principles, I also MUST do my own mindset work since I position myself as a leader and a coach.


I’m not good to you and those around me if I don’t keep my mental muscle in excellent shape!

When I was led by my mentors in this exercise, I had to dig deep.

I had to answer those three critical and searching questions.

I had a good cry… but it led to an amazing BREAKTHROUGH.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you find your purpose – and experience joy and freedom in the process.

If you need both the tools to build your foundation and build up your mindset muscle, then I want you to try my Silent Recruiting Method Course.

Why is mindset training so important?

Check out a few recent testimonials posted in our private online study group by some pretty amazing and aspiring entrepreneurs.  They are all going through or recently finished the work in the Silent Recruiting Method Course.


Kathleen Lobaugh Stark's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

Wow, I just finished Module 1. So much came up for me during all the journaling. I am a recent graduate with a degree in social work, and this really hit home for me. I always tell others to journal but never did it myself. Life lessons!!!!
My money story is basically surrounded by stress growing up. My parents always argued over not enough money or would criticize people better off than us.
AHA moment – my parents gave me a legacy not on purpose but there it was on paper. I wrote it all down.
Second, is the mindset – I didn’t realize how so much what others had said to me over the years made a huge impact on thinking about success.
So far this interactive workbook is making a huge impact on my way of thinking. It’s changing old thought patterns and creating a new way of thinking.
Before this workshop, I thought I had arrived in my success, but even with all my knowledge from school, I can see that I too, have some road blocks to clear. In order for me to be a good leader and build a successful team, I need to clear out the clutter and fear and shut down my ego and start listening to my Higher Self.
Thank you, Julie Burke for this very insightful workshop.”  
Kathleen Lobaugh Stark – Independent Plexus Ambassador


“On Module 6 and feeling pumped.
I am so grateful for Julie’s mind set training and this program.
It has opened my mind and belief in myself that I can be more and do more. I have considered for a long time now of being active on social media in order to help others achieve their health and fitness goals… but was full of self-doubt.
I now feel I have the tools to create an inspiring and relatable page that others can look to for support and guidance.
So stay tuned team, there is more to come.”
Lauren Gear – Founder, Body by Design with Loz

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“My testimony comes from the Mindset work, especially the money mindset module.
If we do not look at our past, recognize our thought patterns, where they come from and move forward … it really does carry on with us.
I learned that I felt like I didn’t deserve money, that it was always something lacking –  even though I don’t really remember that being said in my family. I have also learned that we need to get rid of the energy drainers, the nay sayers – because that too feeds into who we “THINK” we are. Their opinion doesn’t matter because their opinions come from their own history.
I started a money affirmation journal.  I write down the affirmations, read them 3 times a day. I write down any money blessings or gifts and it’s amazing how you see that money comes more freely than we may have previously noticed.”  – Kristina Manzanares – founding sapphire of Wakaya PerfectionImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup










I hope this video and the testimonials helped you!

If you know someone who needs to ask themselves these critical and searching questions, please share!

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Cheers to your success!

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