One of the questions I get asked is this:

How can I use Social Media to get more people to look at my opportunity?

Surprisingly, when it relates to social media, the answer has MORE to do with who YOU are and less to do with your product or opportunity.

Not to dismiss the value of what you are offering, but think about it for a minute…

Would it be fair to say that social media is all about presentation?

We all have a tendency to make our decisions about whether to do business with a person or a company based on the outward image they project, am I right?

Not many like to admit, but it’s the truth.

Image matters.

Especially on social media where there are so many factors competing for your attention.

If you want to attract a following, you must create an impressionable brand.

On the other hand, while branding IS a critical factor, you also must have a killer online marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss…

Personal Branding and The Professional Mindset

The key is to educate and inspire your potential prospects. The professional mindset focuses on providing value, which builds trust and rapport and establishes a solid relationship.

To assist with your professionalization follow these simple guidelines:

Be yourself.  

This is huge.  But the trick is to be your BEST self (…if you know what I mean). Exhibit an uplifting, positive attitude, which others can admire and aspire to. Essentially, you’ve got to have an attractive personality to attract people to you. Makes sense, right?

Hone in on your passion.  

Ask yourself…Why are you in this business?  Why are you passionate about your products and services?

Seriously, do it!

Once you’re crystal clear on those answers, share your passion with others!  You also want to express enthusiasm while you speak.  Capture your audience and make an impression!

Detach yourself from the outcome.  

This is really important for cultivating your professional demeanor.  Do not, under any circumstances, get caught up in whether you get a “yes” or a “no.” Being “needy” sets you up for failure.

You are there to do one thing and one thing only, provide your prospects with a solution to their problem. The best way to do that is to share actual success stories, rather than the nuts-n’-bolts features of your product or services.

If the outcome does not turn out in your favor, then shake it off and learn from it.  I always ask myself…   “What can I do to get better?” or  “What lesson can I learn from this situation?”  You must take charge of building and develop the skills that create your future.

Are you reading great material, listening to audios, running your butt to company events?  Have you taken the time to invest in yourself?  Because if you want to grow your business, you MUST grow yourself first.

Maintain Posture.

This is absolutely critical.

You’ve got to be in charge, asking the questions and directing the flow of the conversation.  This is how you carry yourself and how you control the encounter, so you’re always taking the lead.  This ultimately will come with belief in yourself, your products/services, company, etc.

Never blatantly pitch your opportunity and you quickly learn not to take rejection personally.

Never say you’re “sorry!”  I can’t tell you how often I hear others say this.“I’m sorry to bother you…”  or “I’m sorry if this is a dumb question…”  or “I’m sorry, but…”

Stop it!

Saying sorry is a sign of weakness.  And as a professional business owner, you are NOT weak!  You must be strong.

Don’t project insecurities, hold your head up and smile.  Be the person that others want to do business with.


Craft Your Online Marketing Strategy

Something to keep in mind here up front, no matter how technology evolves, you still want to create engagement offline with your market as well as online when you build your business.  That never goes out of style.

Internet marketing means using online branding strategies, advertising, Facebook fan pages, video blogging, and email blasts to build your business.

Specifically, I promote a type of Internet marketing titled attraction marketing, which focuses on building a loyal following online and creating a trusted brand where people will literally buy anything you recommend, because they know, like, and trust you.

When employed correctly with a diverse number of online strategies, online network marketing can make a huge difference!

Following are the top three strategies that I personally recommend you try:

Strategy #1: Social Media Prospecting

This strategy to build your business is an approach which will seem pretty familiar, because it’s prospecting as we’ve always done it, just with an online twist.

I’ve sponsored almost 300 people with 70% of them coming from cold-market connections on Social Media.  Here’s the process I recommend:

Here’s the process I recommend:

Step 1 – SEARCH

Use Facebook Search to find ‘friends of friends’ who live locally (at least to start with). Facebook allows you to directly message ‘friends of friends’ so that your message goes into their main inbox, instead of the “Other” inbox, which most people don’t even know exists. Secondly, you start with local, because it will allow you to eventually meet face to face if you desire to. Given that you have no prior relationship, it’s important to meet for coffee or lunch.

Step 2 – QUALIFY

Next, you take a minute to look at their profile and identify key interests that might resonate with you personally, your business or your products. You are also looking for more subtle things, like are they smiling in their pictures? Are they outgoing? Do they seem to be a positive person?

Bear in mind, you are prospecting, but you are also qualifying them. For example, an interest in the Law of Attraction might indicate an interest in you were destined to meet that person, so then they want to build that relationship further with you. An interest in Yoga indicates an interest in health and wellness and that might resonate with your company’s products.

Step 3 – MESSAGE

Craft your first message to them, which believe it or not, follows a somewhat standard prospecting approach. You can come up with a template, but each message will be tailored to them specifically. This message will mention friends you have in common. You mention that you’re a recruiter for a “health & wellness company” or whatever the niche is, you’re “expanding in the area” and you ask if they are “open to earning extra money?” You see who comments back and you’re sifting for interest. Whatever you do, please don’t be a SPAM BOT. Copy and pasting scripts doesn’t cut it. Please don’t be offended if they don’t respond back.

Step 4 – BOOK

If they “swing back,” book a face to face meeting, if local or at the very least get them on the phone. You just let them know that details are better explained in person and, “if we were to work together, it’s a good opportunity to see if we would like each other! ;-)”

At this point, if they meet with you, hopefully, your company or upline have defined a solid process for you to follow here.

If they don’t answer back, there are some different approaches here:

I will follow up with a 2nd message 3 days later. Use a brief message simply to see if they received the 1st message if they are interested. Sometimes they don’t get the first message or see the message when they are in the middle of something and forget to answer back.  The second message can typically double your results, but this is where most drop the ball and don’t reconnect.  A third follow-up message you can leave a message and simply ask “Are you ok?” If you don’t hear back at this point, you assume a “NO” and move on.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

On top of this, there are some really powerful and highly leveraged online prospecting & recruiting strategies I’ve utilized that you can check out here in my FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy Guide.




Strategy #2: Lead with the Opportunity

This process is a simple way to build your business, and depending on your personality, may or may not be great for you. This pretty much involves posting your results on social media and waiting for people to express an interest via the comments or private message.  Just be wary of compliance issues to prevent any problems with the social media platform you use.

Additionally, to boost results, you can add a CALL TO ACTION to the message if they want more info.  I have a 6 Step Recruiting process that helped me sponsor almost 300 people which 70% came from cold market connections on Social Media.

Looking to learn how I did this?  Check out my webinar training course called Social Media Recruiter.

This approach could be very powerful, especially if the results you are posting has to do with a personal or customer case study. This angle will help you build your business, generate more customers, and a few of those customers may express an interest in the business after they fall in love with the product.

We’ve seen this angle work amazingly well with weight loss challenges & case studies.  It can also work with other products if there is a clear and visible result that was produced from product use. For example, I’ve seen people in travel businesses post pictures of their luxury vacation/trips and reveal how little they paid for that experience.   You can post pictures of yourself running a marathon, triathlon, or whatever, which would not have been possible without certain supplements.

Essentially, show everyone connected to you on social media a desirable change in your life, achieved in part or as a direct result of your product.

The idea here is to create curiosity.

Once they express an interest, you follow whatever process you’ve been taught for closing people.

If “closing” people is not your thing, then there’s my favorite Internet strategy, Attraction Marketing.

Strategy #3: Attraction Marketing

For those of you not familiar with this term, let me take a second to explain. Attraction Marketing is a type of marketing that is designed to use the power of the internet to bring pre-qualified prospects to you.  You don’t have to hunt for your next lead, people will approach you to learn more about what you’re offering. There’s a bit of a science to it, but it works much better than spamming and chasing after friends and family.

My mentor, Ferny, is a master at teaching this. He has helped thousands of students create 6 and 7 figure incomes through attraction marketing. He also published an e-book called Attraction Marketing Formula that you will want to check out.

The main thing you want to focus on while you build your business is not spamming your News Feed with promotions and product posts.

Attraction Marketing can help you create a truly passive way of bringing quality prospects to your doorstep, making sure you have an inbox full of notifications, letting you know that there are 10, 20, 50, or even hundreds of new prospects, interested in learning more about your opportunity or product or mentorship.

Most businesses are already using proven, passive and scalable online marketing & advertising methods in ADDITION to prospecting and referral based methods. So why NOT your network marketing or direct sales business? The only reason would be if it wasn’t a REAL business. But you and I know better.

There is a proven way to build your business online and you can learn more about it here. Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study, but ultimately, enhances your skill set by moving you into the 21st century as you build your business.

Are you ready for this journey?

I look forward to working with you.

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