Do you feel that it’s important to build your own personal brand?

I do.

But what does it mean to build your brand?

A lot of people associate branding with company logo or a website – and well … that’s not necessarily your brand.

That’s the part of the brand that catches the eye.

A brand is so much more.  It goes deeper.  A brand is really about you, your core values, the depth of what you believe, your personality, and your being.

When you build a powerful personal brand, you start attracting people to you.

It’s important for you to remember that you are not a shake, you are not a vitamin, you are not essential oils, you are YOU.

So many times, network marketers focus so much on their product or opportunity and lose their identity in the process.

The unfortunate thing about that is this… if you spend all your time and energy building your company’s product or opportunity, and then leave that company, you lose all that you worked for.

Building YOU as the brand, is permanent.  It carries with you wherever you go.  My story is a perfect example of this.  I left an incredibly successful network marketing business and went to another company.  Because I built ME as the brand, my success carried over to the new company.

That’s just one reason why you want to build YOURSELF as the brand.

In the video training below (originally posted Live on Facebook) I discuss 7 reasons why it is crucial to your long-term success to build a powerful and impactful brand.

Listen in below:











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