How do you close?

I hear this question asked all the time.

How do you close?

How do you get so many people to enroll?

How are you getting 20 plus people a month added to your organization?

It’s all about two things, asking questions and listening to the prospect.

Whether you are talking about the opportunity or speaking with a potential product user, it’s so important to ask the right questions.

This is part of the sales process and this is what leads to the close.

As a matter of fact…. I don’t like using the word close.

I prefer to use the word, OPEN.

You are opening that person up.

Remember you have to keep in mind your prospect and what’s in it for them.

Find out their why.  Everyone has a why, and it’s your job to ask the questions that will uncover it.

In addition to asking the right questions, it’s important to listen right.

If you do all of your due diligence up front, it’s going to happen.

When you collect all the data up front, you are more likely to overcome the objection.

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