It’s something we will all end up dealing with at one point or another, especially when you run a home-based business.

I mean, very rarely does someone get a 10/10 right off the bat in Network Marketing.

I know I sure didn’t.

And that’s okay. Because there’s a rejection muscle that I needed to strengthen first.

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Why objections are actually vital to your success
  • How to stop clamming up when you get hit with a NO.
  • The 12 steps to becoming unstoppable when it comes to overcoming objections

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Celebrate Rejection

We know that rejection isn’t exactly “fun”. In fact, it hits our self-esteem and the “I wanna quit” jitters can come flooding in strong.


Why? Because we actually want to celebrate rejection. The more rejection we face the tougher skin we develop and in the network marketing biz, we absolutely need tough skin. “No” is something we commonly hear, especially in the beginning stages.

In these past 6 years of my business, I have sponsored over 500 people and make a solid 7 figures…


I have spoken to literally THOUSANDS of people. So I’m familiar with hearing the word “no”…but I don’t let it stop me. I learned to instead overcome the self-doubt a “no” creates.


The Fear IS Real

Fear of rejection is real…a real problem! You can’t stay hung up on the fear or else you’ll never move forward! So take a second to ask yourself a few questions –

  1. Why is there fear? Pinpoint exactly why its there and evaluate it.
  2. How will I overcome it? Now that you’ve identified why it exists, think about the steps you will take to overcome them. And if you don’t have any… We’ll get to that in just a moment. 
  3. How will overcoming it benefit me? This is your dream, your goal, or whatever desire that burns within you; the reasons why you want to conquer the fear rather than surrender to it.

And It All Starts When You Take The First Step

Actually, I’ve got 12 for you. 12 steps, or golden nuggets, to kicking the fear of rejection’s ass. Remember, I started off just like you did. I was new, young, and full of emotions that, truthfully, sometimes got in the way. But I got through it with these exact rules which lead me to build a 7 figure business:

  1. Ask yourself why. Again go back and think hard about WHY the fear even exists. This is where you absolutely need to start.
  2. Ask yourself what if. What if you got comfortable with the word “no”? How would that change you and your business?
  3. Ask yourself, “what’s the harm?” These prospects are never yours, so really what are you losing? The more you go out and practice, the higher the chance of hearing a “yes”.
  4. Stay in the game. How will you ever overcome the fear if you just quit? The more you try, the stronger your rejection muscle will become. You gotta use it or you’ll lose it. Just like any other muscle.
  5. You are your own mirror. If you are intimidated, unsure, or fearful, your prospect is going to feel it too, so be mindful of your emotions and what you are projecting to others. And if needed, shift your mindset. I can’t emphasize enough how important having the right mindset really is.
  6. Tell your truth. If you are feeling unsure, fearful, or intimidated, let your prospect know. You’re new and learning and it’s totally okay to let them know that. We want to build authentic relationships and being honest builds that trust factor you need in order to succeed.
  7. Become your own cheerleader. Take off the critic hat and become your own advocate. Rejection just adds sweat to the game, guys.
  8. Daily action wins. Set up a rejection goal. FOLLOW UP WITH NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO THE OUTCOME.
  9. Practice & rehearse. Every master was once a disaster. Grab some team members or friends and just do some role-playing. Practice reacting and answering rejection in a safe environment and on your own terms.
  10. The first objection is typically not the objection. They might have some fears of their own. So dig around, ask them questions, or call them out like I do.
  11. Be perfectly imperfect. You guys, I was once a perfectionist, so I had to learn HARD. You’re human and aiming for perfection is impossible. Keep it real, be yourself, and have fun!
  12. Every end has a beginning. Listen if you end up with a “no”, celebrate the rejection and just ask somebody else. Move on and keep going. You will get a “yes” soon, but only if YOU KEEP AT IT.

Objection Is Just Part Of Life…

Remember “if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me,” so there is really only one way to overcome your fears and that is by facing them head-on. Through all the laughter, the no’s, and the rejections, I was able to develop a stronger mind and backbone to become the successful person I am today. I KNOW that you can do it.

A “yes” will build a business, but a “no” will build your character.

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