Sometimes I’m constantly moving, doing all the mom things and it’s like I never truly just stop…so you might notice that I will hop on Live right in my car!


Because even though I am a busy mom, you guys are still so important to me that I don’t want to neglect you! You have reached out asking me how to respond to a particular objection you guys sometimes get from prospects and today I am delivering my tactic to handling it.

So what am I talking about exactly?

I’m talking about what YOU should be saying and doing when someones say to you “I don’t know if I have the TIME for a side project…” Ouch, right?


Here’s what I’m going to teach you today:

  • Why you should LOVE objections
  • What to say to those who “just don’t have the time

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How To Handle the “Lack Of Time” Objection

For The Love of Objections

I LOVE objections. No, seriously, I do. I’ve mastered the art of handling objections so well that I make 7 figures. And the best part is SO CAN YOU.

The thing about objections is that the first objection people give you for not wanting to continue forward with you is almost NEVER the true objection. Whether it’s time, money, or not wanting to be a “bother”, if you ask the right questions, really get them to dig deep, you can turn those objections into acceptances.

The initial fears can really hinder someone into moving forward because simply, it’s kinda scary to take on something that is totally NEW. The uncertainty of success or having to be a constant learner, it can all be so overwhelming that people just forget about what success could look like for them. That’s what should be motivating them, so remind them.

The Right Words Can Change EVERYTHING

As I said before, asking the right questions is everything. We tend to overthink the process or sometimes just skip over the objection in general, but addressing the object head-on is SO important. Your goal is to figure out what really is making them worried and deciding whether you have an answer to their troubles.

How can you guide them to overcome their own objections?

If I have someone who tells me that they don’t think they have the time for a side project, I tell them this, “That’s what I do. I show people how to take back control of their time, their finances, and their life. Let me know if that would be of interest to you.” And then I go SILENT. (I mean it!)

9/10 times most have responded with a clear “yes.” The silence afterward is key. It gives them this time to think for themselves about what I had said. They can stop and think about how they spend their time and if there’s enough of it in the end. They can think about where their finances are and if they’re happy with them. They can reflect on their life and decide if the journey they are on is the one they want to be on.

In The End…

Every objection is just a temporary set back when you master the art of handling them. You start to focus on learning more about the PERSON and not the SALE. Some fears run deep and you can’t win them all. I’m mean, you’re human, so it’s impossible to win them all, but for those few that you can win, don’t give up. Don’t stop uncovering the underlining true reason for their fear. There’s a chance their best solution is YOU.

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