When you’re new to something, you tend to be a little more timid. The business is new, you’re working on getting into a new groove, so it’s okay to be timid at first. But here’s the issue…you can’t play the timid card forever in your business. I mean, who wants to do business with someone isn’t confident in their work?


Why? Because people don’t like to feel doubtful or unsure of their business choices. Especially, if the main reason they feel unsure is that they can feel how unsure you come across. Those vibes can push your clients to reject whatever it is you’re are offering…even if they are actually curious enough to agree. And in the business of money making, that is NO BUENO!

What you’ll learn today is:

  • How to get over your timid phase
  • Why a mindset shift is SO IMPORTANT for your business
  • How to ensure your prospect is interacting with your most confident self

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STOP Being a Dancing Monkey in Your Business

We are the directors of our own mindset

Your mindset is SOOOOOO important in your business. If you think you CAN’T do something, guess what? You won’t be able to do it. You’ve already just burned that success bridge without even trying. There are so many obstacles you’ll need to overcome in your business that you really don’t need to make your own self another frickin obstacle.

So knock it off!

Starting a business is nerve-wracking, but it’s also so exciting! The biggest issue I see is that some people become stuck in the nerve-wracking thoughts and they take on this timid persona. And when people are shopping or making business deals, they are turned off by people who come off as timid, unsure, or desperate.

Confidence is contagious

Think about some of the more powerful women you know. What do they all have in common? CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is what gives people this sense of assurance. People want to do business with confident women because they radiate this positive energy, which in turns makes you feel positive and secure about your interactions and relationship with said, confident woman. Pay attention to how these women interact with others. How do they react when someone continues forward with them? How do they react when they are faced with rejection? Do they retreat or power on to the next? These are things you want to take in and practice yourself.

The more confidence you radiate, the more successful you’ll be. You’ll feel more secure about yourself, your life, and your business. You’ll know that when faced with challenges, you will be able to power through them and turn them into positive actions towards your goals.

Because in The End…

Everyone wants to be confident.

That’s when you feel your best and make the best actions in your life. Use that flow to get shit done and remember your value. Your business is NOT for everyone and that’s what we want. We are all unique, and like a puzzle, not all pieces will fit in perfect unison to each other. You have to find the right piece in order for the puzzle to make sense. So don’t be that dancing monkey that does whatever she has to to make some fit.

Either they do or they don’t. 

And just because right now they don’t, doesn’t mean that later perhaps they will. So approach it kindly. Acknowledge that now isn’t time, but perhaps if they feel that later it is, we can always try it again with a fresh clean slate. So if they have expressed interest, move out of the mindset of reeling them in, cause baby, you got them! Remember always:

Confidence is key to being the best version of yourself. Make it an everyday feeling.

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