If you know me, you know that I’m all for multiple income streams to the max! I have had 4-6 different income streams going at once and I fully embrace that hustle and grind type of lifestyle.

But to an extent.

I had allowed myself to hustle so hard that I BURNED OUT. I realized that I had allowed my hustle to interfere with things that made me happy. I was missing my kids. I was skipping the gym, and you guys know how I feel about fitness. I realized that I was truly allowing other people control my time instead of making sure that I was in the driver seat AT ALL TIMES.

It had to stop…

What you’ll learn today is:

  • Signs of too much hustle
  • The benefits of taking a step back


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Why It’s Okay to Hit Pause

The Hustle and Grind

We are obsessed with being successful. We want to make sure that we earn enough to be able to enjoy our lives, but here’s the issue – sometimes we just FORGET to actually live and enjoy the life we’re working so damn hard to get.

We forget that success comes with a price. 

I literally hustled my way into a freakin’ wall, you guys. There’s really only two outcomes when you hustle too hard:

  1. Hustle to NOWHERE
  2. Hustle to BURN OUT

I was number 2. I was crying, CRYING because I was overwhelmed and lost. I had let the things that make me happiest fall by the wayside, and for what? I had forgotten my whys because my hustle was so strong. I do this for me and my family, to be able to live the life I wanted on my terms. But I wasn’t even spending my time with the most important people in my life and that broke me.

So you know what I did?

I took a pause for almost 4 months. During that time, I figured out what made me happy again, what I wanted to represent in my business, and how I was going to execute this new CLARITY of mine. And if you don’t know how I feel about having clarity in my life, check it out here.

Once I had this clarity back, everything started to click. I was balancing all of the most important aspects of my life, and I was significantly happier.

Pause and Enjoy It

Taking a step back from everything can revolutionize how you run your life completely. But not everyone is willing to take that step back. The hustle is real and strong. It’ll consume you if you let it.

Trust me. I have been there. 

Do you know what happens when you pause? You get to see if what you’ve been doing all along is aligned with your whys and overall picture. It gives you a moment to re-evaluate your path and make sure it’s heading in the direction that aligns with YOU the best and what makes YOU happy.

Growing is a big part of living. Your previous dreams can take a new direction and form at any moment, and you might not even notice. Rest assured, there will be signs. When you start to feel lost, overwhelmed, or unhappy, it’s time to take a pause. It may just be for a few minutes, days, or months – no matter how long it is for… take that pause.

Recharge, realign, and respect your OWN dreams and goals. 

In The End…

This is your one and only life. Either you live it the way you want or others will run it for you. Take charge of your path and make sure it is how YOU need and want it. If you want to hustle, hustle away, my friend! I am not here to discourage you from hustling. I am here to remind you to hustle with care. Hustle with your heart. Hustle for YOU. But don’t let the hustle walk all over your dreams. If your heart takes a change in direction, listen to it and then pause. Create the new steps you need to match your heart to your work.


Are you ready to take a step back and find your happiness again? 

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