Network Marketing works best when you are able to connect with others naturally and recruit successfully. Of course, it’s not always about recruiting, but it definitely helps get you to success. It’s also often considered the hardest part of the business to master. So today, I’m here with a short, but sweet message to get you ready to land those recruits!

Today you’ll learn my top 3 tips to make connections and land new recruits!

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How I Enrolled 22 People in One Month

Multitasking is a Part of my Everyday Life

A quick tidbit about me-

  • I’m a mom
  • I’ve worked in Network Marketing for 6 years now
  • I made 6 figures in the first year since I switched network marketing companies

The reason I wanted to share those quick facts about me is that I have had my fair share of learning how to be successful in this industry. It was a lot of ups and downs, trial and error, and learning the hard way. But I can sit here and say that I MADE IT and my passion now is helping people get to the point where they get to sit there and say I MADE IT.

Recruiting is an Art

Recruiting isn’t the easiest. It’s a little intimidating and sometimes, in the beginning, it’s kind of ugly. But here’s the thing- it’s new uncharted set of skills that takes time to master. I want to make it just a little bit easier, but sharing my top 3 tips when it comes to recruiting. These are the 3 tips I used to successfully recruit 22 people in one month. LITERALLY.

Tip 1: Target the right people

You want to be sure to pick the right topics to talk about. So pick the things you KNOW and EXPERIENCE. For instance, I talk about being a mom, network marketing, fitness, cooking, etc. I talk about things that affect my life every day. Why? Because these are the things I KNOW and EXPERIENCE.

  • Tip within a tip– Use video/ Live to gain an emotional connection with people. They can see and hear your emotions. They see and hear YOU.

Tip 2: Don’t go straight for the pitch

Remember to be a human first and a salesperson second. Take this time to discover WHO you are connecting with. Ask about their goals, why they are interested, are they a parent, etc. Once they’ve shared their story with you, share yours! That way you can see if there are any commonalities between you guys and they will be more inclined to hear you out because they can see themselves in you or vice versa. I like to call this the “discovery session.”

Tip 3: Become the solution by adding value

You’ve asked the right questions and you’ve listened. Now take all that info they’ve shared and see if you can offer solutions or maybe teach them something that could help them. You are not meant for everyone, so you might not have a direct solution for their problems, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have value to share. You might just be exactly what they needed to hear and their route might change. You never know until you’ve tried. Connect with people, hear their story, share yours, and just see what happens.

In The End…

It’s about attraction marketing. You want to work on making a connection before thinking about that sale. Get your niche down and you’ll be able to really narrow your focus on your target audience. Send the right message to your followers and new prospects by being authentic and talking about things you KNOW and EXPERIENCE.

When the connection is right, sparks will fly!

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