Facebook may go through a few ups and downs as a company, but I’m here to tell you: setting up a Facebook fan page, not just a personal page, can provide a HUGE boost to your business.

In today’s session, I’ll explain why a fan page can transform your business without breaking your budget, and I’ll help you get started on the path to creating a page of your own.

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Using a Facebook Fan Page to Build Your Business

What’s a Fan Page?

If you’re reading this blog, I know you’re part of a network of people working hard to build an online market for their business. You’re most likely an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to get your name out there and take a few small steps that can lead to big returns.

If you don’t have a fan page yet… what are you waiting for?!

There are a few key ways a Facebook fan page differs from a personal page. A fan page is a feature of the site designed to help entrepreneurs separate their business profiles from their personal ones. You’ll still use your personal site to post pictures, and interact with your family and friends. Your fan page is a separate page to connect with customers, build business relationships, and answer customer questions.

A few benefits a fan page can bring and a few ways this tool can help you effortlessly build your business network include:

  1. Increased exposure – Your fan page can help you reach more people in less time with FAR less effort. If people don’t know about your business, they can’t join your team or buy your products, So, having a fan page makes it easier for new contacts to find you and learn about your offerings.
  1. Less work – I spend 15 minutes a day on my Facebook fan page. I automate everything I can, including scheduling posts, and I produce lives and blogs like this one… Then I get back to building authentic relationships. I’d rather spend my time interacting with people than working on my page!
  1. Lead generation – I gather leads every single day through my fan page. These are people that I can talk to about my coaching business and my network.
  1. Targeting your market – Whatever you sell, providing a fan page can help you reach out to your target audience, which a personal page can’t do. Get in front of your market and you’ll accomplish more with less.
  1. Building traffic – A fan page brings people in! If you automate your processes, you can build even more traffic and generate more interest with less effort and time. If I see responses and interest, ’ll create a training designed to help you leverage your fan page to bring in more traffic!

But What If Something Happens to Facebook?

Let’s be honest, Facebook isn’t perfect. Like any company (or person) they sometimes make mistakes. In fact, a while ago Facebook made a mistake and shut down my business page without warning! I had 56,000 fans and followers on my page that I had spent two years building up! I freaked out! Long story short, the page came back online and nothing bad happened, but I learned to keep an email list just in case!

Despite occasional mistakes and public relations problems, Facebook is still the biggest thing out there, so I HIGHLY recommend launching a fan page and making the most of this option.  

In The End…

My tip of the day: If you want to grow your business fast with minimal effort and build automated revenue streams, setting up a fan page on Facebook is a NO BRAINER. Type “Fan Page” in the comments and I’ll show you how!

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