Lately, I’ve had people ask …

“Hey Julie, what am I supposed to post?”

“How do I approach my warm market?”

“What should I be talking about?”

“Am I supposed to be posting daily?”

And the thing is- it’s actually not as hard as you’d think! All you need is to be approaching your business the right way.

Today you’ll learn how to…

  • Come up with content
  • Interact with your warm market

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Why Are You Complicating Your Network Marketing Business?

Traditional marketing is TELLING the world you’re a rock star…

Coming up with content can be a bit intimidating. I’ve been there and felt that same way before. But it turns out, it’s actually a lot more simple than you think. What I like to do is grab a pen and paper then draw an umbrella. Essentially, it’s a content web. The top will have your general topic/products, which then falls into more defined areas that end up being different content to work with.

Using the web as an example, you now have 6 different concepts you can use to emphasize how your product can be beneficial to your followers. Some of you may disagree with me, but you also shouldn’t be posting daily. To me, that comes off SO spammy. And no one likes spammers. So take your 6 concepts and spread it out for 2 weeks. During week 1, take one day to talk about one of your defined areas, in this case, nutrients and the best foods for health and wellness. Then skip a day and tackle weight loss directly, skip a day and so on. and so forth.

And here’s the best part- you can continue to get more detailed! For example, weight loss is associated with health and wellness, but you can also break down the weight loss category into even smaller subcategories regarding JUST weight loss. Do you see where this is going? You just gotta do a little brainstorming to get several weeks worth of content.

But don’t only concentrate on the products or opportunities. 

I like to talk about a lot of things in my Lives and posts. Some days, I’m talking about being a mompreneur or what mindset I’m in that day. Other days, I chat about what books I’m reading or family stuff.


Because you’ve got to let your followers get to know you as a person and not always just a salesperson. This builds the like, know, and trust factor. And people buy/join people they like, know and trust. So if you add the days where you’re not talking product or opportunity, you’ve got so much content to work with.

… content marketing is SHOWING that you are one.

So you’ve got this amazing warm market to work with, but how do you approach them? I’ve got a couple tips to address just that…

  1. Don’t be weird. Okay, so this might sound bizarre, but it happens too often. You post a curiosity post and now your warm market reaches out to learn more. GIVE THEM THE INFO. Obviously, not everything, but definitely some info. Like the name of the company and what it specializes in, then ask them a question to keep the conversation going and so you can learn more about what they are looking for. No more “curiosity” here. Don’t be weird.
  2. Be simple. Yes, there is that weirdness of the commission pressure, but don’t let it navigate you. Approach it how you would if you were selling cookies or candy bars. Be like “Hey, I’m selling products that do XYZ. Wanna try it out?” Use a simple straightforward post sometimes and share your story. People want to know why YOU decided on them yourself. So tell your story and follow up with those who have expressed curiosity.

In The End…

You have everything you need to come up with some killer content. You just need to write it out and come up with a plan. I like to schedule my posts in a spreadsheet. That way I know what I’m talking about on whatever day. Your warm market people have already expressed that they support and follow you, so just be simple with them. Show them who YOU are and sometimes let them know what you’ve got for THEM. After all, they are the heroes at the end of their own story, so just give them the tools and guidance for them to realize it.

Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling YOUR story well. 

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