Social media is HUUUUUGE right now. Literally, massive. It easily connects you to people all around the world. Meaning, you have a whole vast population of potential clients.


Not everyone knows how to rock the social media market. Luckily for you, I do. And I want to share with you some CRITICAL tips. You’ll want to know these, I promise.

Today you’ll learn…

  • What marketing is
  • Tips to a successful social media market

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3 Critical Steps You Must Know To Have A Successful Social Media Market

Content is King…

What is marketing?

Basically, marketing is promoting your products or services. Social media really helps push this to a whole new level. This is because your following is KEY. And it doesn’t even involve selling! No, seriously. 

When your followers share your posts or LIVES, they are literally helping your promote your business. They help you increase your reach by ultimately putting their own followers in that reach! They get to see something their trusted friend is into and then maybe decide to look into it some more. So, love your followers, you guys. Just like I love each and every one of you!

… But Engagement is Queen…

Now that we’ve defined what marketing is, it’s time to master some critical steps. I mean, no one likes to hear crickets when it comes to their social media! And yeah, sometimes you can feel a little scattered. Some people have such a huge following and it’s easy to start comparing. But STOP. You are you and they are not you. So don’t focus on others, but look at YOU.

Alright, tip time-

  1. HOW to connect. Getting people to respond can be a little tricky but if you follow these 3 additional steps, you’ll be tackling it head first!
    1. Ask questions and listen. Remember that there is a person behind every social media comment. So interact just like you would with someone you just met on a flight. Learn more about who they are and what their interests are.
    2. Attract and Repel. You are NOT for everyone and that is perfectly okay! You want the right people following you as they usually will find more value in your content and you will be able to build a relationship much easier.
    3. Engage. You gotta accept that it’ll be low sometimes and that is also okay! Just be sure that you respond quickly to their comments and make sure you give in some authenticity. It’s not a robot on the other side, so aim for a connection every single time.
  2. WHO are your people? You need to get CLEAR about who you are trying to attract. What are their challenges? What do they like? Ultimately, what is your market struggling with? Write down the top 3 challenges and start there. Give 3 pieces of content that relate or help resolve those struggles. Make sure whatever you post is relevant to your market and brings them value.
  3. WHAT to do to boost engagement. First of all, get organized. I like to use a “content calendar” which is literally calender that shows exactly what I should post and whatever day. That helps eliminate the time it takes to decide what to post. It’s clear, concise, and in a pattern that I can easily duplicate from month to month if needed. Second, Be active on social media. I know it sounds like a “..uh. duh?” tip, but people seriously forget. You’ve got to be consistent, so respond to your followers, comment on other fan pages, share other fan pages post, be there! Try to make 2-3 posts a day and guess what? It doesn’t always have to come from you. Saw a video you loved and brought you value? SHARE IT. It might give your followers some insight too!

In The End…

Social media is your marketing best friend. Everyone is on it and you’ll be able to get some crazy far reach. But it doesn’t mean it’s not hard work. You just need to remember to be present, to be clear, to be organized, and to be appreciative! You gotta show your followers some love. They will appreciate you more and more, which in turn, leads to them tell their friends and family about you. Marketing is all about showing people WHO you are and WHY you can provide them with the guidance they may have never thought they needed.


… And the lady rules the house! – Mari Smith

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