On Facebook, you can have a personal page, a fan page, and groups. But when you’re running a business, how do you know which one(s) to choose? They all differ in some way, shape or form and have different benefits to each.

Today you’ll learn…

  • Why you want to use a fan page over a personal page when conducting business.
  • Why you should avoid one business technique.

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Why A Fan Page Is Important and One Technique You Should Be Avoiding

Quality is not an act…

Alright, so if you follow me, you know that I am all Facebook all the time. Sure, I might be on other social media platforms, but when it comes to my business, it’s all on Facebook. And the reason for that is it’s the platform I am most familiar with and have the most of a following on. When I first started out, I conducted business using my personal page. I mean… I was just starting out, so the support of my Facebook friends and family was pretty important. But when its time to reach outside your warm market, a fan page does wonders.

First off, Facebook wants you to ONLY conduct business on a fan page. So that alone should probably guide you right to creating a fan page. Facebook doesn’t joke around with the user experiences, meaning they will totally put your profile in Facebook jail. (Yes, it’s real.) They want to make sure everyone is having a good time on Facebook, so “spammy” personal pages are locked up tight!

Secondly, a fan page really helps you hone in on your audience. I mean, these people are following you because they want to reek the benefits of your business. So share your tips and thoughts. And as you continue to grow, eventually create some groups to streamline your audience even more.

… It’s a habit.

So now that you’ve decided on how you’re going to market and run your business through Facebook, there’s one method you need to know about and why you should AVOID doing this…

Essentially the steps are as follows:

  1. Run a campaign
  2. Go to Canva and create a quote with a solid background color.
  3. Share it to countries outside of North America

Results? You’ll be flooded with likes and follows.

Sounds pretty ideal, right? Well, it’s not. It’s exactly what you should NOT be doing. What this strategy does is that it allows random people to follow you to make it appear as though you have a large following, but in reality, you’re allowing creeps to come into your business life. You’ll get unwanted messages from people who are NOT interested in your business. You’ll share your tips and secrets with others who might just steal your ideas or simply not care about whatever it is you’re sharing.

In The End…

It’s about quality, NOT quantity. The people who care about you and follow you because they want to know more deserve more than to be put into the group of masses who simply don’t care. Hone in on your target audience and stick with them. Don’t allow yourself to lean back and let whoever be a part of your people. Conduct business the right way on social media, and you’ll be rewarded with true followers.


Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value.

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