I’m really excited to talk to all of you amazing entrepreneurs today about some HUGE new changes!

My Passion Has Changed…

If you didn’t know, I am actually going through a MAJOR rebrand right now. And I’m also going through a HUGE transformation right now. Those of you that do know me and the Create Success with Julie Brand, that brand will be changing a bit. I’m still Julie, and I’m not going anywhere. It’s just… my passion has changed.

There are people out there building a business and struggling so bad that I know it when I see the struggle. They’ve been at it and trying to make it happen. They’ve been at this online thing for a couple of years now and they’ve had some success but they’re ready to go to six and seven figures.

“Here’s the thing – I love marketing. I love branding. I love strategy.”

I’m a true strategist but what I was seeing is that I was being sent by these so-called gurus saying ‘you have to do it this way. No, wait, you gotta do it this way. No, do your webinar this way and this is how you value stack’ and then – it became soooo overwhelming.

It became so overwhelming that literally, I have redone one webinar of mine ten freaking times. Ten times. And it’s not even running anymore. This is a real thing. Eff that!

“Have I had success? Yes, but only in terms of putting a dollar amount on success”

There’s so much noise and there’s so much chaos that people are creating in their own world of building their business online and building your business online is amazing. And here’s why. Because that’s where the future is going.

There is a reason why we utilize social media. I utilize social media to build relationships, but more so to get my content out there and to attract quality clients and customers.

I have been coaching for three years and I love my clients. There is not one client I do not absolutely adore! But there came this need and I didn’t feel good about being a coach and saying ‘now I helped you structure all this for your business, but now you need to go hire someone for this, this, and this’. Because this is what the funnel does.

This is what attraction marketing does

Your brand equals your business. Your brand equals your success or lack of. Your brand equals your life. Your brand you will always carry with you.


I am ditching the Create Success with Julie Brand. I will be building out the Lifestyle Designer and Brand Stylist Brand because that is where I feel like my true magic is. I am about empowering entrepreneurs because what I see is them crying, struggling, in despair, and ready to throw in the towel. I want to be the one to step in and help them to win before they quit. And I am super fired up and passionate about this because I have lived it creating seven figures!

“You know here’s the thing… We are here because we want money.”

Why else would you be building a network marketing business or coaching business or a consulting business or affiliate marketing?? We all want money, but if you’re making money and you’re absolutely miserable with your flipping life then what the hell are you doing it for. It’s time to re-evaluate. And that’s what I did in October.

“Clarity is the glue that holds your business together.”

That’s why I’ve been so quiet and I haven’t really launched anything and I haven’t been taking on any new clients because I have had to take a step back and go ‘what the hell can I do to help these people.’ Your success does not depend on just having the right strategy or riding the algorithms and jumping onto the Instagram bandwagon. Far from it.

“Long term sustainable success is the kind of success that has you Living Your Best Life.”  Julie Burke

It comes down to you! YOU being in alignment, being clear, being authentic, being truly yourself, showing up as yourself, and not listening to what the hell everyone else is doing so that you can grow your own business and start attracting the right people to you. If you’re living in frustration land, I get it. If you’re drowning in the online noise, I get it. Lost in the sea of X birds experts. Chances are your true passion and talent will remain the best-kept secret because you will keep going like that. It will be like this constantly. You will constantly be fucking spinning in circles.

“Unless you start taking care of you you’ll never understand what truly makes you happy in life or in business.”

That’s why I had to take a step back.

I started asking myself these questions like – ‘Am I really going inward and following my intuition on what it is I want to build.’ The other morning I was in my office at 12:30 in the morning. As beyond exhausted as I was, I still had to have a meeting with my team the next day. I needed to map out my five funnels for my business that I’m going to be creating for 2019. While I am very good at what I do. But it has taken me so long to say that because I was self-sabotaging by saying ‘I’m not smart enough like the gurus.’

It comes down to…

The Five Pillars of Your Business

  • Your market
  • Your message
  • Your magnetic offer
  • Your marketing system
  • And then monetization

These are the five pillars of your business that you need to have dialed in. One hundred percent or else stop. You need to stop. Because what’s going to happen is you’re going to start throwing money all over the place. And you’re going to start throwing time and energy all over the place. And for what? You’re not dialed in in the very first fucking piece of your zone of genius in your clarity on how you can help somebody. Why the hell are you starting with systems? I started with the with the tactics. I started with the funnel. I wanted to build a funnel, but I wasn’t really clear on my mindset. Needed to get my mindset straight to understand this whole online world. Then guess what?! There is this thing called the zone of genius/the zone of brilliance.

I didn’t have my zone of genius dialed in, so I had to take a step back.”

Taking a step back, I realized how I can help other business owners. And, yes this new agency of mine is an investment, but a wise investment. And it’s one that I wish I had made in the beginning. Instead, I wasted nearly $100k on mentor after mentor after mentor.

Learn from me whether you want to build your system for network marketing. Or whether you want to build your system for your coaching practice. Or whether you want to build a system to sell all my products. You guys, selling online, and selling your knowledge online is ah-freakin-mazing. It’s total passive freaking revenue. It’s amazing. I’m not going to take away from it. I don’t care what it is you guys want to build. I’m a visionary entrepreneur, and because I’m a visionary I have all these ideas for.

“But the point is unless you focus and carry through one idea then nothing gets done.”


So what I decided to do is put together something that I have not seen anyone do. And that is a total holistic hybrid consulting agency package. My new company is called The Marketing Cure, and what we do is we help online entrepreneurs who are all over the place to zone in on their brilliance, and their genius and what they want to do gain clarity around that. And then have us build their business to freakin win.

I’m going to be consulting to work out your whole messaging and gain clarity to building out your entire business from front to back and add a website if you need it. If you need that empowerment and you need somebody to help you to pull it out and get really clear on your brand story and the framework around that so you can go out and share your message with millions.

“This is about building your life around your business and not your business around your life.”

Think of all of the time and the energy and everything you are putting into learning how to write copy, how to write emails, how to hook up the funnel, how to build out the funnel, how to make the sales page, how to make the apps, your Facebook page, and what do you do with the Facebook app, what’s the traffic for the Facebook ap, how do you read the message through the Facebook app, ETC. If you are sitting there going ‘holy shit there is like 72 pieces to an online business.’ And you want someone to like bring it all in for you under one umbrella. That is my agency. That is The Marketing Cure. And it’s application only.

If you want to apply you can do so below. It is an investment, so please do not put apply unless you are ready to invest in your business and you’re ready to have other people build out your business for you.

Thank you for reading this!!! You guys have been amazing with all of your support. I hope some of this resonated with you. Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. And if you are looking for help in building out your business then we are here to serve you. I also love to hear your biggest takeaway from this message because I will tell you right now – it’s been a very long road and I see so many people struggle day in and day out. I get so many messages and so I’m super proud of what we’ve put together.

XOXO – Julie